Motherlove, a new collection by Lennebelle

Mother’s Day for us here in the Netherlands (like in the US and many other countries) is traditionally celebrated the second Sunday in May. Of course, mothers are spoiled that day with a breakfast in bed and showered with kisses. Perhaps, there is also a gift? Lennebelle, the Dutch jewellery label, just came out with an adorable mother & child collection, called Motherlove, which would be the perfect present…


The bracelets and necklaces are just beautiful — so delicate and sweet. I love the idea of the matching child bracelets, celebrating motherhood and that eternal connection between mother and child.

xxx Esther


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May 2, 2016

We live in us but I am British. And we always celebrate the uk Mother’s Day here (husband is American!) and it feel so special as its not advertised as such; and on the us American Mother’s Day we don’t celebrate. I love this!

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