Giant, luxury scarf swaddels from Marloe London

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The best baby care products are practical, functional, simple and clever. When they are extremely good looking too — well, that’s a bonus : ).

The giant Marloe London scarf swaddle scores on all the above points. It is a chic mama accessory and a handy baby accessory all in one: a scarf, a swaddle, a travel blanket, a play mat, a cot sheet, a breast feeding cover — it can even be a fun sarong for the beach or a pretty throw for over your sofa. It also serves well as a hut-building tool, I can attest!

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The Marloe London scarf swaddles is made from an organic cotton / bamboo viscose blend, which makes it strong and ever so soft. It measures a good 140 x 140 cm, comes with a pretty embroidered hem and the dip-die pieces are hand died for a touch of unique (optional personalising is available too).

xxx Esther


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