Jumpers for women from Babaà Knitwear

Courtney and Marlow in Babaa

Courtney and Marlow in Babaa knitwear

Courtney Adamo in Babaa Knitwear

I’ve made it no secret that Babaà is one of my favourite labels for kids. I adore Marta’s vision and the whole ethos behind the brand. The knitwear is perfectly simple, straight-forward, timeless and extremely good quality, meant to be worn and passed down from one child to the next. We have jumpers from Marta’s first collection that are now 4 years old and still in great condition despite being well loved and worn.

Last year she launched a small collection of jumpers for women (equally beautiful!) and this spring she’s expanded the collection with loads of stunning styles. My favourite is this natural, slightly cropped thick cotton jumper. When she gave me a preview of the collection earlier this year, I quickly put dibs on this one. I love layering it over my summer dresses and think it would look super cool with high-waisted jeans too.

Courtney x

p.s. In the photos Marlow’s wearing this cute cotton jumper with contrasting mint neckline, also from Babaà . So cute!

p.p.s. The photos above were snapped by my friend, Amelia Fullarton, here in beautiful Byron Bay. Thank you, Millie, for capturing these sweet moments… and sneaking one of me on my own! x


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April 19, 2016

You look beautiful in this gorgeous jumper, Courtney. I have a few of Martas jumpers and while I think they are all equally wonderful and so incredibly well-made I just don’t feel like they suit me (maybe it’s my body type?). Even though I feel A bit ‘lost’ wearing them I still keep buying them because they are so so beautiful. Oh well!

April 19, 2016

I could have written this comment. I have 2 gorgeous jumpers even though i do not feel like they suit me:) This is definitely not the case with Courtney. Gorgeous pictures.

April 19, 2016

I’m so glad I learned about this brand from you – the two cardigans that the girls have are just so wonderful. Now I need to get one for me 😉. Amelia did a great capturing you!

Emily in TX
April 19, 2016

Such gorgeous photos of you girls!!! Hoping the next leg of your adventure is off to a good start! xx

Esther in Amsterdam
April 19, 2016

Pretty you two!!! Love you both! x

April 20, 2016

Beautiful beautiful!!!! Courtney you could sell me a $100 trash bag.

April 23, 2016

Such beautiful photos!! Those pictures make me think of the summer. Where is your dress from Courtney?
Are you planning on traveling through Europe as well this year?

Courtney in London
April 23, 2016

Thanks for your nice comment! My dress if from Christy Dawn – it’s one of my favourites!

And yes, we’re planning on being in Europe this summer – Italy, France and Portugal for sure. x

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