Age to Come



My daughter Coco has two distinct requirements when it comes to her clothes: comfy and cool! This luckily enough seems to be the same philosophy as the new label Age to Come Apparel.

This capsule collection of cotton, easy-to-wear items fits the bill perfectly. One of our favourite items is the cute, reversible cape, that can be either white or black, depending on your mood. The other one is the cute pair of crouch drop pants, as worn by Coco in the photo above.

The other cool thing is that this collection is unisex, so boys and girls can wear these clothes and hand them down to each other.



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Courtney in London
April 19, 2016

Such cute photos of Coco! She’s getting so big. And that cape is indeed so cool. x

Esther in Amsterdam
April 19, 2016

So her style!! Cute and cool!! xx

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