The second day of our fabulous LA ShopUp event!

ShopUp entrance bloggers breakfast and acai bowls
bloggers breakfast 3

ShopUp balloon Moon Juice at The ShopUp Esther Emilie and Miraya at the ShopUp

The start of the second day of our LA ShopUp was perfect, with blue skies and lots of bloggers who came to breakfast! It was wonderful to bring together so many wonderful, like-minded women and see everyone meet, catch up and stroll around the event.

bloggers breakfast Lombardi House Olly vitamins and ShopUp visitor Babiekins Magazine Happy Baby at the ShopUp

A highlight of the breakfast were the healthy, beautiful and extremely tasty, acai-filled coconuts by Amazebowls. What an amazing way to start the day! The incredibly yummy juices by Moon Juices and the delicious (addictive!) coffee of Blue Bottle Coffee where also at hand. We got to sample the delicious gluten and lactose free cookies by Caer — chock-full of galactagogues, foods that promote the flow of breast milk! Caer specialises in organic, nutrient dense baby food delivered to your home. Free copies of Babiekins magazine were handed out, samples of Olly multi vitamins, and Happy Family Organics had all sorts of tasteful and healthy snacks to try, both for mama and child!

goddess tutus photo booth at The ShopUp Caer baby food and flowers MakersMess weaving at The ShopUp

The day progressed with more blue skies (we love!), an a busy and bustling day with so many wonderful visitors, both big and small. We loved the fun craft classes by Maker’s Mess (we even got to sit down and do some weaving ourselves!) and having the lovely Mischievous Goddess around to entertain the children. The photo booth by Red Anchor Photo (with the stylish backdrop made by Happenings Co.) was constantly filled by the most darling little ones, so cute!

ShopUp at the Lombardi House The ShopUp by Babyccino Kids OMY giant colouring poster at The ShopUp ShopUp visitor and dresses the pudding truck at The ShopUp Little visitor and cute products at The ShopUp

Oh, we can go on and on about all the fabulous visitors, vendors, venue… but the stunning photos by Nicki Sebastian speak more than words!

dad and son visitor at The ShopUp LuluLuvs and visitors at The ShopUp LA hanging out on the lawn at the ShopUp in Los Angeles Passported guides at the ShopUp stroller parking by baby bubbles ShopUp cuteness Esther and Kelli ShopUp cuteness and SollyBaby TaskRabbit helper at The ShopUp colourful bags and danni

ShopUp visitors Los Angeles

Thank you to all who visited, to all the truly amazing sponsors and boutiques who made this event what it was. We are so proud to be a part of this energetic and creative community!


PS Thank you Club Momme for helping us spread the word about our event!


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Courtney in London
April 19, 2016

I am SO sad I missed this! I’m never doing that again!! xx

April 19, 2016

Next time I need to figure out how to slip away and join in on the weaving class!! Esther and Emilie – your weaving a were BOTH equally wonderful 😜.

April 19, 2016

*weavingS, I mean 🙈

Esther in Amsterdam
April 19, 2016

Mine definitely turned out the much prettier one!!! 😉

April 22, 2016

Will there be an ShopUp in the future in Holland? Hope so 😀

Esther in Amsterdam
April 24, 2016

Maybe one day!!! 😉 xx

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