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Rabbityness by Jo Empson


I bought this book a couple of years ago and we instantly loved it. Over the long Easter weekend we enjoyed discovering all of our Easter books and this one was once again a great hit with the girls!

Rabbityness by Jo Empson is a story of a very special rabbit. He enjoys doing rabbity things such as twirling his whiskers, washing his ears, burrowing and sleeping. All of which are explained through sweet, calm illustrations of the black inky rabbit sitting quietly amongst pretty greenery and wild flowers, until….

Rabbit liked washing his ears

the wild and wonderful pages turn into an explosion of fun and colour!

Making musicThe rabbit’s creativity bounces across the next few pages exploding with fun and drama explaining all the unrabbity delights he loves. But one day he disappears and the other rabbits are bereft. They search high and low for him as they uncover the paints he once used, the instruments he once played and as they do so they discover their own adoration of the arts.

Rabbityness is a beautiful, playful picture book with an encouraging metaphor, loved by children of all ages. It can be purchased on Amazon here.

Vanessa x


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April 14, 2016

It looks adorable!

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