Willaby Clothing

Willaby clothes 2

willaby clothier athens georgia childrens clothing

Willaby for babies

willaby clothier athens georgia childrens clothing

willaby clothier athens georgia childrens clothing

I have recently been introduced to the beautiful Willaby brand and I’ve become so enamoured with every single piece in the new spring collection. Isn’t it all just so gorgeous? The pieces are ‘modern yet classic, understated yet out of the ordinary’. A perfect description.

The brand was started by designer, Kim Woods, who still runs every aspect of Willaby, from customer service… to packaging and shipping… to stringing the wooden teething necklaces. She works with skilled local artisans in and around her home town of Atlanta, Georgia where everything is made. A portion of the heirloom blankets are sewn by her own mother in her Ohio childhood home.

Reading stories like this — about women (often mothers like Kim) who create beautiful labels and pour so much love into their work — makes me so proud to have a platform to promote them. And when we’re back from our travels and need a wardrobe refresh for the kids, I know where to go…

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April 13, 2016

Love Willaby!

April 13, 2016

LOVE Willaby as well, and am so happy to see it featured here! D has worn Kim’s beautiful clothing since she was tiny and already I picked up a couple of this season’s smocked tanks to pair with bloomers for hot summer days.

April 14, 2016

We love Kim’s whimsical creations! My boys practically lived in willaby bloomers last summer 🙂
Very recommendable!

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