The LA ShopUp: Day One

Esther and Emilie at the ShopUp

Lombardi House barn at the ShopUp


Craft table at the ShopUpSMALLER

Esther Emilie and Miraya at the ShopUp



ShopUp balloons

ShopUp Mabo shoes



Brimful toys at the ShopUp

cute boys at the ShopUp

pretty clothes at the ShopUp


balloon funSMALLER






ShopUp entranceSMALLER

girl and balloon at the ShopUpSMALLER

Day one of our LA ShopUp was an enormous success! It was fun, it was bustling and busy, and the weather thankfully behaved itself (phew!). We saw so many friends and familiar faces, we met lots of inspiring people, and we had so much fun mingling with all the happy visitors, young and old. We’ll give a full rec-cap of the event after it’s all over, but we quickly wanted to thank everyone who popped by yesterday and remind you of what is in store for today. We also wanted to thank our sponsors: TaskRabbit for providing helpers (‘taskers’) at the event, Baby Bubbles for manning the stroller parking and Olly.

Also, our talented photographer Nicki Sebastian sent over some photos and we wanted to share some favourites with you. Okay, a lot of favourites. We couldn’t help it. Aren’t they all so gorgeous and happy?!

We’re excited to do it all over again today! Here’s what’s in store:

  • Maker’s Mess Workshops – Maker’s Mess is hosting fun crafty workshops:
    11am-1pm: Sign up for our Beginner Mini Weaving Workshop at 11am and leave with your own handmade wall hanging and the know-how to continue this craft at home! $49/person
    2pm-4pm: Join us for Pom-Pom making! Create garlands, necklaces or bag swag! Come have fun playing with textiles with us. $20/person
  • Free Popsicles – Chloe’s Soft Serve will be handing out complimentary all-fruit pops the last two hours of Monday (3-5pm). Stop by during those hours for a tasty treat!
  • Don’t forget about our big Giveaway – We’ve partnered with Four Seasons Resort O’ahu, Passported, and Babiekins to celebrate our first LA ShopUp and to raise awareness for mothers2mothers, a nonprofit organization fighting to end pediatric AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. Please help us by entering and sharing plus donating to m2m. The winner will receive a three-night stay at Four Seasons’ newest resort, opening this summer on O’ahu’s beautiful western coast, as well as a subscription to Babiekins magazine and a gift basket featuring ShopUp participants including Baby Bubbles, Pipsticks, Lululuvs and Mischievous Goddess. You can enter the giveaway here (and anyone can enter!).


Hope to see you there!


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April 11, 2016

OH WOW! So much fun, wish I were there! x

April 25, 2016

Hi Esther, This is totally unrelated to your lovely post about the ShopUp but I just wondered where you got your sandals as I used to have some exactly like them and LOVED them but they got worn out and I’d love to get another pair… If you don’t mind sharing 🙂 x

Esther in Amsterdam
April 26, 2016

Of course not — they’re from the Dutch label Humanoid: xxx

June 21, 2016

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