Tenement Museum


Our family visited the Tenement Museum (103 Orchard Street) last weekend. Situated on the Lower East Side, the tenement building was home to thousands of working class immigrants between 1869 and 1935.  Through extensive research, 6 family apartments have been restored and now serve as a time capsule of the living conditions of its former inhabitants.  The museum is only available via guided tour, either of the restored apartments or of the surrounding neighborhood.  (I suggest purchasing tickets at least a day in advance, as they sell out quickly.)

We visited the Confino apartment. Hosted by 14-year old Victoria Confino, this tour is tailored to a younger audience (5 years +).  Our tour group acted as a large new immigrant family, having just arrived on Ellis Island.  The children were able to ask Victoria questions as we sat in her tiny cramped space, and she answered (in character), helping the little ones understand what it might have been like to arrive in a new country, learn a different language and way of life, and try to make ends meet.  As we peaked around the apartment, the children were allowed to touch everything!

The museum shop has a nice collection of books about New York.  Optimistically, I picked up this 1940s classic, in the hopes of making an impression on my willful 4-year old.

Cofino Family Kitchen


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April 11, 2016

[…] girls are fortunate to have sampled some of the best.  While on the Lower East Side to visit the Tenement Museum, we tried Russ & Daughters Cafe, serving Jewish comfort food for four generations.  We later […]

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