Poco Nido Velcro Superhero Shoes

The lovely teachers at Casper’s school had been asking me to get him shoes without laces for a while already. They explained to me that when children are able to put on and take off their own shoes their independence and self-confidence grows. It’s funny, because in the nursery class of the Dutch school the other children go to, I have never heard such a request, and the teacher happily ties her (25+) pupils’ shoelaces whenever needed. (And I don’t think Dutch children in general have any independence issues — on the contrary!)

So to be honest I had been ignoring the request, but when a few weeks ago his leather lace-up shoes were getting too small, I decided to look out for velcro shoes instead. And I fell for these twin strap superhero beauties from Poco Nido — I just knew Casper was going to love them. (Honestly, which little boy wouldn’t?)

Poco Nido

Poco Nido is a brand we have worked with for many years, and I love to see how they keep growing their collection with more fun products, always so simple and practical, with the coolest patterns and colours. I also admire them for thinking twice about packaging — the shoes are sent in a little suitcase instead of a shoebox, how cute (and handy!) is that?

In the meantime, Casper is obsessed with his superhero twin strap shoes, and he loves the fact that he can put them on and off by himself. (I must admit that I now get his teacher’s point!)

xxx Esther


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