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‘Sonya’s Chickens’ by Phoebe Wahl

Collecting eggs

Spending time at my parent’s house in England is always such a comfortable feeling. It’s where we all love to be and spending our days in the field with the dogs, the sheep and the chickens is delightful. The fresh air and the views are so good for the soul. Living in the countryside and learning about the natural world is a really important and valuable experience I want the girls to see.

Having unearthed Phoebe Wahl’s debut book Sonya’s Chickens I was so pleased to see she has captured the essence of life and death in the natural world so finely.

Sonya's Chickens By Phoebe WahlThe story is of a girl called Sonya who raises her three chickens from when they were tiny little chicks. She cares for them so carefully that everywhere Sonya goes her chicks are there too. The chicks grow into hens but one evening she hears a noise and she discovers that one of them is missing. Through her father’s reassuring story she learns about the food chains and the life cycles of nature and just as the life cycles suggests the book ends with a new beginning which Sonya embraces.

Sonya and her chickensPhoebe Wahl was brought up in Washington state and merits her free range childhood for much of her professional inspiration. Her illustrations are warm and have an old-fashioned feel to them reminiscent of farm life. The warm scenes and the comforting words makes this a book which I believe is valuable for everyone’s childhood.

Sonya’s Chickens can be purchased in all good bookstores or online in the US or the UK.

Vanessa x


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Esther in Amsterdam
March 29, 2016

Beautiful! xxx

March 29, 2016

my three year old son love this book!

June 22, 2016

Hi! I’m just reading “Operation Alphabet” with my children, I wanted to find some more information about the author and I entered your site! It’s absolutely amazing and I became your fan! 😉 I also have my site about tha books (you’re welcome!). Best wishes from Gdańsk in Poland! http://www.slowemlukrowane.blogspot.com

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