Zaanse Schans


The Zaanse Schans windmills are a popular tourist attraction all year round, and their location just outside of Amsterdam makes for an easy day trip there. The windmills, which were relocated to Zaanse Schans in the 1960s , provide a glimpse into 18th and 19th Century life in the Netherlands, whereby these large wooden machines were used in the production of many essential materials (such as oil, flour and spices) as well as to perform vital functions such as sawing wood. Each windmill is operational and set up with information and displays inside so that visitors can learn how the production method works. Children of all ages can learn about and enjoy the windmills (although beware of some of the very narrow and dangerous staircases with younger children!) and the picturesque setting provides a beautiful context for this cultural experience.

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Zaanse Schans also has a number of craft displays and small museums which all demonstrate different aspects of Dutch culture from over 100 years ago – many traditions which still continue into the present day (such as cheese and wooden shoe making). It is a really interesting place to visit for both children and adults, as there is so much to see and learn.  You can really make an educational excursion out of a visit here, or you can just as easily spend your day taking in the scenic surroundings of these sweet historical buildings and windmills, enjoy some Dutch pancakes and pick up some sweet souvenirs.

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You can reach Zaanse Schans by bus, train, car — or if you are feeling extra fit and adventurous you can even try cycling there from Amsterdam! It’s very easy to get around by foot (and pram) once you are there, as the whole village is quite small, and there are lots of indoor places to enjoy if the weather is not ideal.



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