GOSOAKY, a fabulous new (Dutch!) rainwear brand

GOSOAKY rain clothing

If there’s one weather condition we Dutch have experience with, it is rain. It really does rain quite a lot here, and because we are also a people who happen to like to bike everywhere, we experience the weather conditions quite physically so. We do get soaked all the time!

So you can imagine how excited I was to discover GOSOAKY, a new (fabulous!) rainwear brand for children.  And hey —  how fun to see that this new label comes from Amsterdam!

GOSOAKY‘s first collection consists of a series of really well-designed jackets, pants, overalls and capes. There are traditional, timeless colours like dark blue, bright yellow, and forest green, but there are also fun and fashionable diagonal yellow/grey stripes for a more funky look.

The products seriously look very cool, but of course, the essence of rain clothing is to repel rain, and that’s where GOSOAKY really comes in strong. Fabrics are completely wind-and waterproof. Seams are taped and all zippers are waterproof as well. There are thoughtful details like buttons to narrow the sleeves, protection at the top of the zipper so your chin is protected, and a well-fitting hood with a practical cap. Best of all, some coats have a detachable inner jacket, making the coat warm enough for wintery weather as well! All in all, I’m really expressed with the quality of the GOSOAKY collection, and every tiny detail the designers have thought of.

GOSOAKY rainwear

The GOSOAKY collection currently runs from 0 to 14 years, another fact I love because these coats are also super cool for teens. Sara has a unisex green eagle coat and it really is the perfect everyday coat: practical for Dutch weather, plus hip and stylish as well. (And she is intrigued by the fact that the lining can come out and can be used as a separate coat as well. How practical!)

I’m hoping GOSOAKY will extend their collection to ages 16 or 18 soon so I will be able to get one, too! (Emilie, you will probably fit a size 14 — lucky!)

xxx Esther

PS GOSOAKY is also available at our wonderful boutiques BonTot and Shak-Shuka : )


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Courtney in London
March 25, 2016

This looks like SUCH a great company. All the details so well thought out. Leave it to the Dutch! 🙂

p.s. Sara might be taller than I am by the time we see you guys this summer! xx

March 27, 2016

Sara inherited your lean long legs! 😉👍🏻💗

March 28, 2016

So pleased to see this review! Totally agree! We absolutely love GOSOAKY. Can’t say enough good things about their jackets. x

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