Easter DIY: Salt Dough Egg Ornaments

Easter Salt Dough Eggs

Spring is finally here and it is the perfect time for some Easter crafts! I just love salt dough because it’s made fast and doesn’t cost a lot – all you need it flour, salt and water! We already made Christmas ornaments and they turned out great so we decided to make Easter ones as well. I think these look quite nice too.

For the dough and the process take a look at this previous post.

Easter Salt Dough Eggs

Then all you need is an egg-shaped cookie cutter, which is easy to find at this time of the year. Cut them out and make a hole in each about a centimeter from the top edge. Bake on 120C for about three hours turning them once after about 2 hours.

Easter Salt Dough Eggs

Now paint both sides with one color or each in different and wait to dry completely. After about an hour you can draw your favorite designs on the eggs (again, one or both sides). Leave for about 12 hours or overnight to dry and finish them with glossy varnish. Now just string the twine or a fishing line through holes and you’re done!

To read more from Polona, go to her cute blog Baby Jungle!


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March 28, 2016

Polona these are so gorgeous! I love your little paintings, so good x

July 5, 2017

Hello! These are lovely! Which paint did you use on them? Acrylic? Xx

July 31, 2017

Hi Marija, so sorry – yes I used acrylic paint!

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