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Sanctuary by Wendy Marloe and Joanna Chen

Sanctuary by Wendy Marloe

I recently came across this newly published book written by Wendy Marloe and Joanna Chen and it’s really got me thinking. It’s also inspired a really interesting conversation with my girls – What is your special place?

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Sanctuary is inspired by the notion that we all have a special place – a place of refuge; a place of safety; a place where we can just be. Sanctuary explores all the possibilities of places which is special to a person whether it be indoors or outdoors, a place of quiet or of noise, an old place or a new place…….

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Labelled as a picture book this is not just for children. No matter what your age we all need a sanctuary. And it’s for this reason why I love this book. Helena asked me what my special place was and I had never really thought of it before until now. I guess my really special place would be in the garden with the sun bursting down on me and the birds singing. But like Helena said, her sanctuary all depends on her mood and the weather. When it’s cold she wants to be quietly in her bedroom with her books but when it’s warm she’s quite happy spending hours in the garden digging. Which of course leads to me to ask you – Where is your sanctuary?

sunny days

We really love this book not just for the beautiful words or the wonderful drawings but for the depth of conversation it leads to. Sanctuary is available on amazon here.


Vanessa x


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March 17, 2016

Thank-you, thank-you for the suggestion of this book. I can’t put my finger on it, but while I drink my coffee this morning, sun barely rising in the Ontario sky, house quiet, husband sleeping, baby growing in my tummy (and soon to pop!), the idea of “sanctuary” has really made me think and smile. What a beautiful book, and what a lovely spark for further conversation into what sanctuary looks like for the members of my little family.


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