Five favourite dresses for spring

Dresses are my favourite thing to wear. I love the way they instantly make you feel pretty and feminine. I love that it’s an easy outfit – you don’t have to worry about matching a top and bottom. And I love that you can pair them with sandals for a more relaxed daytime look and dress them up for a smarter nighttime outing. Another favourite thing about dresses is that they seem to stay in style longer than skirts or trousers. I’ve invested in a few favourite dresses over the years which I still wear regularly even five (plus!) years later.

Now that spring is so very near, I thought I would share five beautiful dresses of the season from my very favourite brands and shops.


1. This Bay Dress from Ace & Jig is the perfect, easy-to-wear dress with a removable skinny tie around the waist. Ace & Jig is my very favourite with their gorgeous textiles and shapes, and really all of their dresses are beautiful and flattering (and their one-pieces too! as comfortable as wearing pyjamas!!).


2. Christy Dawn takes the cake for pretty, feminine dresses. I love the vintage feel of all of her dresses. (I have the Dawn Dress in a yellow floral print, and it’s one of my very favourite dresses to wear.) The website doesn’t really do the dresses justice (and the stock is low at the moment), but you can sign up for stock updates and be inspired by all the pretty images on their Instagram.

Star Mela mayra-tunic-ecru-red

3. I love the embroidered tunics and kaftans from Star Mela. I have a couple of their beach kaftans and love them — they’re so easy to throw over a swimsuit, and can easily be worn off the beach as well. I love the Mayra Tunic pictured, as well as this pretty Pabla Emb dress (the colours!).


4. Masscob is another favourite brand I discovered a couple years ago from one of my favourite London shops, Aimé. Their pieces are so effortless and easy to wear. I love this DUNA dress (and also – those sandals!).

Hatch Riviera Dress

5. Season after season, Hatch comes out with a wonderful collection — to be worn whether you’re pregnant or not. I always love their dresses and jumpsuits. This Riviera Dress is so flattering with the V-neckline and the inverted-V peak at the hem. Equally perfect for daytime or dinner parties!

It was difficult to narrow down my selection to only five – there are so many pretty dresses out there this season, and more still to come!

Courtney x


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March 15, 2016

lovely options but oh men it would be nice if you also included some more affordable brands. Your picks are always spot on and beautiful but my pockets hurt !

Btw congratulations on your adventure, so brave ! 🙂

March 16, 2016

Totally agree with julia…really lovely dresses, I’d buy everyone! But my pockets hurt!!! 🙂

March 16, 2016

Love the Duna dress!
My favorite (CA based) brand right now is Black Crane,

March 21, 2016

I don’t get the Ace & Jig love. The other brands pictured are nicer, especially the kaftan dress.

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