Acorn Toy Shop


Acorn Toy Shop

Acorn Toys (323 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn) is a treasure.  The shop ladies were so utterly gracious as my 3-year-old exclaimed repeatedly, “I want it all!  Let’s take it all!”  I had to agree with her.  This little gem has the loveliest selection of toys, clothing, and decor, special enough to be passed down through generations.  It’s hard to imagine how so many delightful toys are neatly arranged in such a cozy space.

Acorn’s selection is mindful of quality and sustainability, with many lines sourced locally.  There is a tactile quality to the displays, with few toys in packages, available for little hands to explore.  Oddly I wasn’t afraid that my rambunctious toddler would break anything as the shop is thoughtfully arranged, with colorful wooden block sets and handmade puppets within her grasp and delicate felt mobiles safely hanging from the ceiling.

What a treat to browse several clothing lines in one place, including popcorn stitch cardigans by Misha & Puff, pinafores by Soor Ploom, and baby alpaca hats and booties by Oeuf.  I also made a few discoveries, including a vast selection mobiles, linen rompers by Red Creek, cars from Playforever.  Acorn also offers a selection of children’s storybooks, fairy and folk tales, as well as make-believe supplies (masks, princess costs, tents, wooden swords, fairy wings, ironing boards, wooden kitchen supplies and even a wooden cash register!).

If can’t make up your mind while you’re in the shop, take a peak at the website, which is maintained with the complete selection.


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