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Play&Go play mat


My friends seem to have baby in cycles – and, at the moment, I am back in the baby cycle with babies popping up everywhere around me – I love it! I do have a lot of fun finding the latest new baby presents and there is one clear winner. It is the Play&Go play mat –  and it is genius.


Basically it is a pretty playmate that, in one movement, transforms into a bag with all the toys inside. I seriously wish it had been around when my kids were smaller. Perfect for when you have visitors and you need to quickly clean up!



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Vanessa in Scotland
January 8, 2016

Genius! I need one! Thanks for sharing and a Happy New Year to you Emilie. xx

January 8, 2016

So true, it makes cleaning up a cinch! And totally flies off our shelves, we just got new stock. Check out the adorable new Panda design by Eef Lillemor http://www.littlecitizensboutique.com/products/toy-storage-bag-mat-panda-by-play-go

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