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Moulin Roty rag doll

Marlow opening presents

Marlow and doll

moulin roty rag doll 2

My sister flew to New Zealand to meet us for Christmas, arriving late on Christmas eve after the kids had already gone to bed.  The children woke extra early on Christmas morning because of the excitement of seeing her and were even more excited to see that she had brought them each a small present. Lucky kiddos.

Meaghan gave Marlow this soft rag doll from Moulin Roty, and it’s so, so cute. I love the pairing of the pretty fabrics of the dress and the bloomers, and the little knitted bonnet is so sweet. I also love that it’s cosy to sleep with and squishes up into a suitcase or backpack – perfect for travel.

I know the gift-giving season is over, but this is a good one to bookmark for upcoming birthdays or other occasions. There’s a similar version of the doll at Cottage Toys as well, equally cute. And a boy doll as well!

Courtney x


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January 6, 2016

Hi Courtney,

This little doll is gorgeous and I love that it can be squished easily in a suitcase. I was just wondering what other gifts you (Santa) got for your children while travelling? We are thinking of heading back to the UK for Christmas from Australia next year and I am looking for ideas of what will be easy get home. My daughter will be 2.5 years old.

Thank you

January 6, 2016

Such a sweet gift! What did the other children receive? x

January 8, 2016

My daughter received this very same Moulin Roty doll for Christmas! We got her one last year for her first birthday and our little Rafaela sleeps with them every night!! They’re perfect.

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