A simple knitted beanie!

One of my many New Years resolutions (which I started over the Christmas period) is to continue making things – just because it makes me happy. ; ) I love watching movies in the evenings, but I also like keeping busy so I have started to try to find simple projects that I can do while relaxing in front of a good movie – which is easier said than done!

My first success story (and there have been a couple of fails, I have to admit) has been this simple pattern for a slouchy beanie. I have made it for my friends, I have made it for my daughters and as a present for my friend’s little twin babies. It is so easy and I love the result. The genius thing about it is that you knit it on a round needle so you never have to do anything other than a simple pearl stitch.

Do let me know if you have any other suggestions for simple projects. I would LOVE to hear!



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January 4, 2016

Have you checked out Ravelry? My username is WikiNZ there too I have lots of saved patterns. TinCanKnits have great patterns too, the Simple collection is all free.
Yay for knitting!


Esther in Amsterdam
January 5, 2016

Love this! One (!!) of my New Year’s resolutions is also more creating. Maybe I’ll give this hat try! Super cute! xxxx

January 6, 2016

Love the color to these beanies! Reminds me of a sweater my grandma made for me a long time ago. Good luck for future knitting!

January 10, 2016

I just managed to read this. I too started creating a lot more and I enjoy it so much. At this stage I am taking on small projects just so I finish them. Life keeps me so busy that jumpers and cardigans for my children are too long lasting and probably unfinishable project. So I made beanies and clothes for my daughters dolls, which were a huge success. Another quick an rewarding craft is weaving. I love the little artworks for the walls or on wishbone sticks. The kids paly with them and they are a pretty piece of decoration I think.
Andrea x

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