Babaà jumpers keeping us cosy in Uruguay

Quin and Ivy

quin and ivy in Jose Ignacio

Fanny & Alexander video camera

Quin in Babaa jumper in Jose Ignacio

After spending the month of October in warm, tropical Brazil (where I questioned having sacrificed space in our suitcases to pack thick, wooly jumpers), we travelled south to spend the month of November in Uruguay where the weather is much cooler and we are so thankful we made room for those jumpers! It’s late spring here — the weather is still unreliable and if you’re not in the direct sunshine it can be quite chilly. Jumpers in constant use.

Because I knew we’d be in mostly warm places this year, I packed just one jumper for each of the kids (plus a hoodie for the boys and a cardigan for the girls).  Of course I packed jumpers from Babaà — they’re my absolute favourite! And not just my favourite, but really the children’s favourites as well. We particularly love the softer wool blend jumpers made with wool, alpaca and extra fine merino. They are super soft, chunky and just perfect. Not to mention, so well made that they last for year and years and years…! (Quin had a dark grey jumper which he wore nearly every single day for two years!! They joked at school that he and that jumper were inseparable. He finally outgrew it, and this blue one was the replacement.)

This year, Babaà came out with a wool dress for girls, made with the same cosy alpaca wool blend. I got them for my girls and they’ve worn them loads already (we just put them on over their summery dresses when they get chilly in the evenings! sometimes even over their bathing suit when they’re cold from a swim!).

Babaà will have a stand (for the third year in a row) at our ShopUp event in London in a couple weeks. It’s the perfect opportunity to see and feel her collection in person.

Courtney xx

p.s. In the photos above, the kids were playing with their wooden cameras from Fanny & Alexander, a gift from the designer, Delfina, who is also staying in Uruguay this month (just down the street!).  Both Marta (from Babaà) and Delfina are two women who I deeply admire, both professionally and personally, and I am so happy I was able to feature them both together like this. x


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November 30, 2015

I am so glad I found Babaa through this blog – both my girls have the zip up cardigan and sure enough, they wear them every single day! Marta has created something so simple, yet made with such quality – it’s obvious from one look why we are all crazy about her brand! Quin looks very nice in his new blue jumper 😉.

November 30, 2015

am ordering the jumpers immediately. We already have the camera ! Its a huge favorite in the house! Especially w me as Id rather they took pics of me with a wooden camera than a real one ha!!! XXXX

December 1, 2015

The wooden camera is adorable. Wouldn’t be surprised if my LO ended up being a director now!

Got mine from (I’m in the UK) which is a Babyccinokids store!

December 2, 2015

Oh thank you so much for sharing my store, Sarah! I’m so excited you love the camera. They’re lovely.

This is such a great blog post too – beautiful photography. X

July 6, 2016

Hi, how do you launder your kids babaa jumpers?

Courtney in London
July 6, 2016

Hi Jo,
It depends on which ones. I put the cotton jumpers into the wash machine on the gentle, cold cycle. For the wool jumpers, I usually hand wash them. But I find that, because they are wool and naturally stain and soil resistant, they don’t need to be washed very often.
I hope this helps!

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