Marie Puce, timeless Parisian chic for all ages


As I mentioned before, finding the right style for a nine-year-old can be tricky. It is a funny age, when children are still children but also teenagers at the same time.

Luckily boutiques like Marie Puce have a great selection of clothes for older kids. I love their style – it is at the same time fresh and contemporary with a classic edge that works for all ages.

Here is a little selection of their current collection that I put together and which Coco, my cheeky nine-year-old gave me the stamp of approval on.

We both loved the crisp white shirt (1) that is not too girly, especially together with this cozy scarf (2). This little satchel was an instant hit with Coco who loves to carry around with her all her little bits and pieces (3). For longer day trips and sports day at school she loved this cute little backpack (4).  We also fell for the perfect blue jeans that are super comfortable and work for summer and winter (5) and these funky boots were a clear winner for both of us (6).



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Esther in Amsterdam
November 11, 2015

Lovely selection! (I got those boots for Sara last year and they’re so cool!)

November 12, 2015

Thank you Emilie. I have been following your blog from the beginning and now have children approaching their teens. Will you be evolving towards that market in the future? I would be very grateful for guidance with clothes in this market. Many thanks. Sara

Emilie in Paris
November 13, 2015

Ha, I will try. The good thing is that our kids are growing with our blog so I am sure many more posts about older kids are going to be written. x

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