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Mamma Couture, and the enchanted creatures

mamma couture

We’ve been loving the beautiful products at Mamma Couture for a while now. You might remember the sweet bag of fabric vegetables, the cute rag dolls that come with different outfits, or the customisable dolls that we have shared with you in the past year — all lovingly handmade with the utmost attention to detail and safety.

mamma couture stickhorse mamma couture stick horse

Eva very recently launched a new series of products that she designed in cooperation with the talented illustrator Laura Doff, and I just love how pretty and poetic they are. The enchanted creatures collection exists of three stick animals: a horse, a unicorn and a dragon. They are all made out of organic cotton and dipped wooden sticks, and put together by hand by Eva, who does that with so much care and love.

Mama couture mamma couture unicorn stick horse

Eva was so sweet to send us a stick unicorn last week just to see how we like it, and oh boy — we like it! The kids have totally adopted it as a part of their adventures in the last days. (Eva included some beautiful crowns, which are so darling and easy to wear with their elasticated ribbons). Also, the unicorn is such a good-looking toy, with that beautifully drawn head and the white dipped stick; I like having it in a corner of our living room as a fun design element!

Eva was one of the participating shops at our ShopUp event last year, and I’m so excited that she will be joining us again this year — with a whole lot of stick animals and other beautiful products of course!

xxx Esther


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Courtney in London
November 9, 2015

What beautiful new products at Mamma Couture! And your girls look SO grown up in these photos. Makes me sad that I haven’t seen them in so long – they will have changed so much by the time I see you guys next. xx

November 9, 2015

I was blown away when I saw the new horses in Eva’s newsletter last week – a must add to the Christmas list! So well done EvaB! 🎉

Susan M.
November 12, 2015

The products are beautiful and impeccably made, but I had one observation for Mamma Couture. There was a black doll with blue eyes on the website; it isn’t there anymore. While we shouldn’t expect toys to be completely true-to-life, it is a genetic rarity (if impossibility) to have blue eyes if you are African or African-American. Having a doll like that, no matter how beautiful, sets up little girls for unrealistic expectations about beauty and ideas of beauty connect to whiteness. I’m a literature professors, and frequently explore how identity is constructed across gender and racial lines. Toni Morrison’s novel The Bluest Eye explores the sad mental landscape of a black girl who idealizes Shirley Temple; her unrealistic expectations torture her. I’ve read more than once about how people living in Africa can’t find black-skinned dolls for their black or mixed race kids; the shops are often full of white dolls. So please re-consider the blue eyes on the black doll and the kind of message it sends to black girls about beauty (and fantasy). I only mean this in the most constructive way.

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