3d Feel and Find game by Guide Craft


Florence is nearly four and goes to pre-school three times a week. On the days she’s at home we organise play dates, we bake, we read and we play puzzles. I love our time together especially knowing how quickly she’s growing – this time together is precious.





One of the games she really enjoys playing with me is the 3d Feel and Find game by Guide Craft. At first she played it like a regular puzzle i.e. we took all of the pieces out of the bag and she matched them with the correct tile. Now that the pieces are more familiar to her she plays it how it was designed – that is, by placing all of the tiles on the table and feeling in the bag for the correct piece.


Once she has correctly matched all of the pieces I extend the game. For example, I ask her to group all of the animals together, all of the colours together and all of the shapes together.

The game also comes in a really handy drawstring bag so we’ll be able to take it away with us on our half term break too. Which I am so looking forward to!

The game is available from Amazon (US) and (UK).

Vanessa xx


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October 21, 2015

This looks great! I was about to order them on Amazon but it received mixed reviews. One said that the edges were really rough, and she was concerned about splinters. Did you find this? E x

October 21, 2015

Not at all! We love the game and have never had any issues with ours. X

October 22, 2015

I really like the look of these and would love to play them with Clementine. However when I went to order them they are currently selling for £58 on Amazon! I felt this was way more than I would like to spend on such an item. I then checked their website and they are only $29 – which would be £19 (I would be much more willing to pay that for them). What a pity!

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