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I wanted to share with you this little tip, as my kids are getting bigger and are starting to have an opinion on what they would like to wear. We don’t always have the same opinions and this results in a verbal wrangle in the mornings that we would all really like to avoid, as none of us are morning people.

The other day my daughter turned to me and said, “You know mummy, you are not the only one who has good taste. My taste is good too, but it is just different to yours”. Darn these kids growing up and being able to build constructive arguments!

So we have learned to compromise and now we all need to agree on an outfit before we buy it. After all, two good tastes are better than one.  ; )

The issue we have is that I work full time, so the only time we could go shopping together is on weekends and none of us feel like doing that. So I have started to create Pinterest boards for us to quickly have a look at together. They then can tell me what they like or don’t like and I can order online or run to the shops in my lunch break. The great thing is that I just walk up to the sales assistant with the pinterest board on my phone and can ask them to pull out all the items I would like to look at. It saves me having to browse through the racks and look for them.

Up to now this has actually worked really well for us, but I would love to hear if you have any good tips about shopping for/ with tweens!


Here is a photo of Coco and Sara that we took this summer. They are both so big now and they now also each have their own individual style. Coco loves anything urban and Sara is more vintage inspired.



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October 13, 2015

What a brilliant idea! I find it so difficult to shop for my 11 year old daughter as there are now so many beautiful labels for smaller children, but hardly any for the older child. I would love to see your pinterest board for inspiration, is it accessible? Thank you! Pippa

Esther in Amsterdam
October 14, 2015

I love the idea of open Pinterest boards with shopping inspiration!! xxx

October 15, 2015

I would love to have access to the boards also! I’ve also struggled to find tween clothing!

Emilie in Paris
October 16, 2015

At the moment it is a private board, but you guys have inspired us – we should do them on the Babyccino Pinterest account. Stay tuned!

October 14, 2015

This is such a great idea Emilie! I loathe shopping with my boys and the older one has asked for “board shorts like the surfer’s all wear”, at least this way I can pin a few ideas and then order a pair that we both agree on. Hopefully, avoiding all the conflict I have a feeling might be looming in my future! xx

Vanessa in Scotland
October 14, 2015

What a great idea Emilie! Helena is only 7 but she’s starting to get an opinion on what I buy for her. I’m going to set this up on my pinterest board now. xx

October 14, 2015

What a great idea, Emilie! You are truly resourceful. I have a three year old boy who, thankfully, still doesn’t care what he wears but I detest shopping (for him and for myself) and am always looking for ways to make it easier. For this reason, I keep a list on my phone of those items he really needs and I never buy anything unless it goes with items he already has (this last bit I think is super important so that you are never trying to figure out what goes with orange pants when hurriedly trying to get your child ready for school). Whenever I happen to pass a children’s clothing store during my normal treks around the city, I’ll go inside, head straight to the sales person and explain specifically what I want (´do you have navy blue drawstring pants in a size 3?’), then I will go to that specific section, pick out what I want and pay. In the event that the store doesn’t have precisely what I’m looking for, I just walk out with nothing and try again at another store if I have the time. I’ve also been known to buy two of the same thing in different sizes to avoid having to go through the shopping process again at a later date when my son inevitably outgrows something.
I am also a fan of going shopping early in the morning on Saturdays when no one else is at the mall. I try to make it a real outing by taking my son to the park afterward and for ice cream. Thanks for bringing up this topic. I like learning what other people do.

Kylie b
October 15, 2015

Love this! My daughter is refusing to wear outfits I have bought for her that I love! But it’s a waste of my time for me to keep doing this. We can work on this together, much better

November 11, 2015

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