Bellerose, a favourite label for boys!

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boys in garden

quin picking berries

yin and yang

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Shopping for boys is definitely more challenging than shopping for girls, or at least I find it slightly less exciting. For one, there is less variety in the types of clothing for boys (no adorable rompers or pretty dresses), but I also find it trickier to find simple, timeless pieces without the stereotypical ‘boyish’ texts and colours. For my boys, I like solid tops and bottoms in nice, neutral colours, and I also try to find good quality pieces that will stand the test of time and last long enough to be worn by both active boys. (I typically buy new clothes for my eldest son and then pass down to the younger one, and the same goes for the girls.)

Bellerose is a brand I discovered years and years ago in a shop in Antwerp, back when the boys were really little. I bought a pair of shorts for Easton that ended up becoming a favourite pair worn by both boys, and I’ve returned to this brand again and again over the years, both for the style and the quality.

I like the laid-back effortless style of the Bellerose pieces, and the quality is always really reliably good. I also like the way the pieces fit both boys: their loose-fitting shorts and trousers really suit Easton, and yet still look good on Quin who is smaller framed than his older brother. It’s also one of the rare children’s brands that goes up to size 16 which is a relief as many of the other brands stop at size 10 or 12. 

We got some photos taken of the kids earlier this summer and I couldn’t resist putting the boys in their matching tees and shorts from Bellerose. My two boys, such sweet little pals — so different from each other, but somehow such a perfect pairing of personalities. I love the yin/yang feel of these photos.

Courtney x

All photos by Sara Welch


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September 30, 2015

I agree, I find shopping for boys less exciting, but as I only have one boy amidst three girls, when I DO find things I love for him I get REALLY excited {!!!!!}. A few things I love – the plain t shirts from crewcuts, the plain blue flannel shorts from Flora and Henri, the Bonpoint indian tops, Gap Denim jean shorts, Mabo Kids leggings {I still dress him in leggings and will continue to do so until he refuses because they’re so COMFY!!!!}, Saint James striped bateau tops, plain cashmere sweaters and plain sweatshirts from Makie !!!!!

Love hearing your boys clothes choices as your children always look so chic. Once I was with my then new baby boy at a wedding and he was wearing a beautiful blue cotton onesie {summer} from Bonpoint, and one mother said to me ‘Why are you always dressing him like a GIRL?!?!} which I found strange. I think her idea of boys clothes was cargo shorts and a t shirt with logo / dinosaurs / trucks / etc on !!!!!!

As always thanks for your enjoyable posts!!

October 1, 2015

Lisa, may I chime in on your comment? I totally understand where you are coming from! We live in the US but my boys are half-European because of me (their Mom). My boys just turned 7 and they still wear Saltwater sandals in the summer time…and I tell you, they are THE only boys in our little city in the Midwest that wear sandals. My kids even notice that children dress differently in Europe (we were in Hungary and France this summer) and that hey, even boys wore sandals and non-flashy clothes. Where we live, boys live in bulky sneakers even in 100F and 100% humidity weather. And please dont’ get me started on the “Ladies Man”, “Rock Star”, “Football” tops and shirts for boys!

October 1, 2015

Hi Esther! We are the same! We live in the US but I am British. My husband, American. All the little boys in my sons playgroups wear similar style cargo pants, Ralph Lauren Polo shirts or logo/large picture t shirt etc {very busy}. I think people often are confused at his outfits but to me he looks more like a little boy {he is 2} in his clothing. I love that more simple European style, which is why I love this blog as they share the same aesthetic ! I love the way these women dress their boys!!

September 30, 2015

Love the contrast pockets! Stateside, I really like the simple cotton tshirts for boys from Jcrew’s Crew Cuts.

September 30, 2015

Only girls in our house but we love Bellerose. Especially my eldest girl (she turned 12 in august) likes the collection. I’ts
not always easy to find beautiful clothes for girls when they get a little older.

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