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The 50 States, by Sol Linero & Gabrielle Balkan

the 50 states
Last summer, while we were driving from California up to Washington State, we played the license plate game with the kids and it led to an interesting discussion about the different states of America. We started talking about which states were the biggest and which were the smallest, which ones had the most occupants, and why each state has a different symbol or picture on their license plate.

I decided to stop into Powell’s bookstore when we were in Portland to buy a book for the kids about the 50 states of America. I wanted one which provided facts and history as well as appealing illustrations and maps. I got into an interesting discussion with the helpful guy at the information desk, and he explained that surprisingly a good book like this did not exist! I couldn’t believe it.

The following month I sat down with Rachel from Wide Eyed Editions and she told me about The 50 States book she was working on. I couldn’t believe the coincidence, and I’ve been looking forward to the launch of this book ever since.

50 states book
marlow reading 50 states
Rachel sent us a sneaky first copy and it’s as good as I hoped it would be! My kids have kept it in the car all summer, and each time we pass a car with a new license plate, we talk about the state and learn all the interesting facts about it. It’s been such a fun lesson about America, learned from inside the car!

The 50 States will be out in October and it’s available to pre-order on Amazon here .

Courtney x

Update: Marlow’s cute leather lace-up moccasins are from Amy & Ivor


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September 1, 2015

What a beautifully illustrated book! Can’t wait to check it out. I love the idea of having it in the car on a road trip and discussing the different states you pass through and/or see license plates for. Brilliant! xx

September 1, 2015

Another great choice thank you so much. I absolutely love her little soft leather boots too!!

sarah hutchinson
September 1, 2015

This book looks great – thank you for sharing! Love the boots, would you mind sharing where they are from? xx

Courtney in London
September 3, 2015

Thanks you guys! Marlow’s boots are from Amy & Ivor – we absolutely LOVE them! http://amyandivor.com xx

September 1, 2015

I’ve had this book on my wish list for months – Eek! Because the children were all born in different states, we talk a lot about geography and state facts etc. This book will be a welcome addition to the family library. Everything Wide Eyed does is so top notch!

Kristen Cortes
September 2, 2015

California resident, just purchased a small travel trailer for the family to make many road trip memories in, can’t wait to pick up this book!! We’re looking forward to all of our travels, and this is a nice one to use- bookmark places we must see. My three children will LOVE this!!

September 2, 2015

Love this! Do you mind sharing the maker of those sweet leather booties? I live in Brooklyn and I’m so looking forward to the Shop Up event!


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