A dolls’ garden party for Ava’s 5th birthday!

dolls party dolls garden party

Ava recently turned 5 — the age where a birthday party really, really matters. We had family and friends over on the day of her birthday (the so-called ‘family party’), but she was also really looking forward to the party for her little friends.

dolls_party_9 dolls_party_18 dolls garden party Babyccino Kids

I had been really, really busy with work and all sorts of end-of-school activities, so I didn’t have the energy or time to prepare anything before the day of her party. But it was all fine — that Sunday morning, the warm sun came up (familiar?), so we transformed our back yard into a big dolls’ house.

dolls_party_21 dolls garden party Babyccino Kids dolls_party_6

We put up the playhouse and the wigwam, and also created some other spaces using sticks and fabric. We made a dolls’ hospital, a dolls’ kitchen (using our wooden toy kitchen), a dolls’ dressing room and bedroom (we used baskets and baby blankets to make extra beds), a dolls’ play area with miniature dolls — we even had a dolls’ bathroom (the old baby bathtub and hooded baby towels came in handy here!).

dolls garden party babyccino kids dolls_party_3 dolls garden party Babyccino Kids dolls_party_8

It was really fun and easy to set up, and so adorable once finished! I asked all of Ava’s little invitees (4 girls plus her 3 siblings of course) to bring their favourite doll, and that was all it took, really. They took over the garden immediately and had such fun.

dolls_party_16 dolls_party_20 dolls_party_11 dolls_party_19 dolls_party_13We were lucky to have the garden that day, but of course such an idea would also work perfectly indoors. Definitely a recommendation if you have little ones who love dolls!

xxx Esther


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July 30, 2015

Loved this idea – and I bet she did too!

July 30, 2015

That is so cute and really imaginative! I love the idea and will Keep it in mind for our Little 2 year old daughter.

July 30, 2015

Hey that is such an adorable idea!!!
Good thing your girl loves dolls!!!
i’m thinking hey you could do this for all manner of toys…….. lego party with each “station” a different theme to make, dress up with each area different etc etc
why have i never thought of it before!!!!!!!!!
and outside too, no mess!!!!! or not much!

July 30, 2015

Sweet and adorable photos, thanks for sharing. I’m sure this was a b-day to remember.

Susan M.
July 31, 2015

Perfect idea, so interactive and great for small number of guests. The boys looked like they enjoyed it, too 🙂 I wonder if my daughter (2) will ever get that interested in dolls, Maybe I could do it with stuffed animals.

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