Visit Greece! Sifnos, a wonderful family destination

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Our friend Pepi from Athens is the driving force behind one of the biggest online children’s boutiques in Greece, Alice on Board. She’s a wonderful mama and sweet friend, and we were super happy when she offered to write up some family friendly destinations in her beautiful country. Greece is one of my favourite travel destinations, I love the amazing culture, the friendliness of the people, the yummy food… but I’ve never been with my family. After reading what Pepi wrote though, I was investigating flights to Greece immediately. : ) Here’s Pepi’s introduction of the beautiful island of Sifnos, and there will be another post following about camping at Serifos too. Thanks so much, Pepi! xxx

If you are looking for summer family vacations and you need stunning weather, magical beaches, healthy and tasty food, and most of all welcoming people, then Cyclades is a destination I suggest you should consider. Especially now after the Greek economic drama that peaked the last 3 weeks, travelling to Greece is more vital for us Greek people than ever. The yearning for stability, in monetary and emotional terms is essential. And tourism is liquidity. And although banks were out of function for 3 whole weeks after the capital controls were reinforced, now we are almost back to normal since they are open and ready to service the customers – which means that ATM will not be queued.

People are even more welcoming and more grateful than ever. And prices are significantly cheaper BUT the places and the smiles, remain as wonderful as always!

For the Cyclades lovers – Sifnos
We initially visited Sifnos in our earliest year (no kids) and although it may initially seems as an ideal island for bachelors, trust me this is a myth. What we actually adore in Sifnos is the variety offered in terms of activities, if of course you are not one of those that only need a beach to stay all day long.

sifnos_profitis elias 1000In the picture: Profitis Elias

Every time we visit Sifnos we prefer to stay in Ag. Marina in a nice hotel close to the sea, Alkyonis Villas, which offers spacious rooms, especially for big families, terrace overlooking the sea – very important since in the evening you can enjoy and a glass of wine by yourself. 

sifnos_alkionis villasIn the picture: Looking out of the window at Alkionis Villas

You can enjoy swimming in Agia Marina, near the harbor known as Kamares.

sifnos_beach_agia marinaIn the picture: Beach of Ag. Marina

The sea and the beach is ideal for children – shallow waters, long sandy beach and many places for coffee or snacks. In this link you can find almost all the available accommodations in Sifnos by area. Do not miss a visit at the Monasteri of Profitis Elias overlooking Agia Marina (700m height). The marvelous view of Sifnos and other Aegean islands from the top will be a unique reward of your uphill trekking but visibility depends also on weather conditions. The annual feast is on 19th of July.

sifnos_profitis eliasIn the picture: Profitis Elias

Here you can find more info about Accodation at Sifnos.

Food in Sifnos is delightful. Among other things, Sifnos has connected its name with Nikos Tselementes, the famous chef since it is its birthplace and also because the gastronomic habits of the past are a living part of its tradition. The main dish on the traditional Sunday table is the chick-pea soup, which is cooked in an earthen pot (skepastaria) for many hours, all night long, in a wood-fired oven and mastelo which you should definitely taste.
We usually enjoy chik-pea soup in Agia Marina at Argyris Tavern, and in case we need some Italian cuisine we go to Da Claudio or Simo’s Tavern (there is a very friendly lady there, Maria) for its delicious chicken baked with potatoes, perfect for children. A great place is also Isalos, under Agia Marina for a quick snack during swimming. This link will direct you to 30 tavern suggestions by Trip Advisor.


The beaches of the island are enough but I think they those worth visiting with children is the beach Apokofto, with fine sand, abundant trees, crystal waters and a wonderful views of the Monastery of Panagia Chrissopigi that should not be missed, Faros and Platis Gialos which is considered one of the longest beaches in the Cyclades.

sifnos_beach_chrisopigiIn this picture: Beach at Chrisopigi

sifnos_chrisopigi 2In this picture: The Monasteri of Chrisopigi

sifnos_chrisopigiIn this picture: The Monasteri of Chrisopigi

Although it is not my favorite because it is crowded, you probably like it if you are looking for cosmopolitan beaches. This link will direct you to more info about the beaches.

But what I really I love at Sifnos is that its villages are so perfect for a walk in the evening. At the picturesque Apollonia, the capital and administrative center of the island you can find nice restaurants and bars. You should not miss a visit at “KYKLADON SPACE” to eat, drink, have a nice coffee and visit the art exhibitions.

sifnos_travel_more1 sifnos_travel_more2

Moreover the places you should definitely visit (if your children are 5+), is the Kastro in the old capital of Sifnos and the seat of Sifnos’ Archdiocese (6th-19th centuries). It is one of the most picturesque and beautiful villages preserving the medieval fortification building form and resembles a living museum. But also the Artemonas where walking around its streets is a unique experience. Some of the most beautiful mansions of the island are there, in verdant gardens worth seeing.

sifnos_artemonasIn this picture: Walking around the graphic alleys

sifnos_artemonas2In this picture: An amazing monastery in the heart of Artemonas

A small tip: if your kids are book lover, do not miss the nice bookstore “Kolotoumpa”

sifnos book store kolotoumba

You can find more info about Sifnos here. For Ferries timetables visit this page.

I really wish you will enjoy your trip as much as we enjoy it every time and I also wish that at some point, normality and tranquility will return to the country that inspire the Olympic Games and its true spirit.

Thank you!

Pepi x


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July 29, 2015

Thank you!!!! we love Greece and have been visiting your marvellous country for the past four years. Getting to know about less crowded places suitable for children is always welcomed!!!

July 29, 2015

Oh, this sounds marvellous! Would love to go there…
Thank you for suggesting Greece, expecially now!
We’re heading to Kavala on friday, which is also a beautiful but slightly different (because it’s located on the mainland) place to go. I’m looking foreward to show the kids where I spent summer as a child…

July 29, 2015

Oh Diana, we go to Kavala every summer since it is the birthplace of my husband. It is a great idea to write a post for Kavala. Wish you a wonderful staying there.

July 29, 2015

Dear Pepi,
I would love to read a post about Kavala! Expecially about restaurants and places to go.
I grew up in Munich, but my Dad is from Drama, so we spent summer near Kavala as children.

July 29, 2015

Somewhere I’ve never been, but your post really made me want to, thank you!

July 29, 2015

Thanks for this post Pepi. I’m bookmarking it for next summer. Εύχομαι και να τα πούμε απο κοντά!!

July 30, 2015

Marina, my remote friend! I would love to see you in Greece…

August 14, 2015

Dear Pepi,
thank you for your post! It seems an amazing place!
just a quick question: are there some playgrounds for kids?
thanks a lot

August 25, 2015

Hello Anna,

I am sorry but I do not recall any playgrounds. But to be honest, if you visit the island during summer, the playground will be for your kids the sea and its beaches,

August 22, 2016

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