Dream Car, by Huzi

dreamcar_3 Dream Car by Huzi

It’s always so great when children’s toys are not only great toys (encouraging kids to create, learn and be imaginative), but also when they look so good you’d rather display it on a shelf in the living room than hide it at the bottom of the toy box.

dreamcar_1 dreamcar_2 Dream Car by Huzi

The Dream Car, designed by Mike Mak for Huzi, is such a toy. Handcrafted from natural wood and finished with mat chalkboard paint, the dream car is certainly extremely handsome to look at. But it’s a clever toy too! It can be assembled and disassembled because of little magnets that make a fun clicking sound. It can also be drawn on — a pretty little box with chalk (and a clever eraser in the lid) comes with the car.

dreamcar_8 dreamcar_7

Everything is packed in a beautifully designed gift box, proof of the designer’s eye for detail. A lovely toy, which will be played with for years and is sturdy enough to be passed down as a heirloom toy. It makes a wonderful gift, too!

xxx Esther

PS Casper’s PJs are from The Bright Company.


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July 25, 2015

We have a birthday coming up, and I know an almost-4yr old who would LOVE this, thank you x

Sohail Ahmed
July 28, 2015

This is an amazing surprise for a kid, especially boys. We can also make them use technology positively by visiting some website like where they can do puzzles and enhance the creativity and persistence.

July 30, 2015

Hi there, apart from that gorgeous long sleeved t shirt could you tell me what flooring that is? I can’t work out if it is polished concrete or a kind of tile? Love it!

July 30, 2015

Ooops sorry have just realised they are pyjamas!

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