DIY: Printed Cardboard Box

Printed Cardboard Box DIY

I had a few items like socks, a hat, sunscreen, a lost toy, a diaper, probably also the pacifier etc. stacked in an ugly cardboard box in Talan’s part of the entrance way. I couldn’t look at it anymore but I also didn’t get a chance to find and buy a decent wooden box so I decided to make the best of it and painted and printed the existing one. I thought it couldn’t hurt and in the worst case I’d be finally pushed to buy one. But to my luck (and even more to my husband’s luck) it turned out kind of great. So naturally I thought I’d share this project with you 😉

Printed Cardboard Box DIY

If you haven’t guessed it already it’s super simple! You’ll only need:
-A cardboard box (the thicker the cardboard the better)
-Acrylic Paint (at least two colors)
-Sealant or Varnish
-A stamp or simple stickers (like triangles, dots or something these Tad Lapin Cats from Molly Meg)

Printed Cardboard Box DIY

First paint the inside of the box at least twice and wait between coats to dry completely. Then do the same with the outside of the box. I used two different colors – the grey one for the inside and the white one on the outside part of the box.

Printed Cardboard Box DIY

After the outside it completely dry (wait at least two hours) stamp the surface (I used a rubber stamp I did after this stamp DIY from Esther – Tila drew the image but you can also use potato or a pencil rubber or even stickers!). After you’re done with this step wait again for the prints to dry completely and apply two coats of sealant or varnish. I also used sealant on the inner side so the box will (hopefully) last longer.

So easy, isn’t it?


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Stacy Ragueneau
July 9, 2015

you always do nice posts Polona.I would let my little girls do this one!!

July 9, 2015

Super easy and looks soooo much nicer than a random box-of-junk. Good idea!

July 9, 2015

I love this idea and it’s something the kids would love to do themselves too. I suspect we have a lot of cardboard boxes we could revamp!

Esther in Amsterdam
July 9, 2015

Lovely idea — and great use for a home-made stamp!! xxx

July 9, 2015

Oh I’m so glad you like it girls, thank you so so much for your sweet comments. I wanted to try it out first to see how it would turn out but yes, you’re right Stacy and International Elf Service 🙂 something the kids could easily do! xxx

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