Dr Hauschka Sage and Mint Deodorant

July 6, 2015

For years I have been testing organic, non-toxic deodorants as I, like a lot of you, have been reading about how bad normal deodorants are for us. The problem is: I have never found one that actually works! And I do like smelling good, so that was a bit too much of a stumbling block for me. I have been testing and trying but ultimately have always returned to my unhealthy but very effective commercial deodorants.

But yesterday Esther, who was in Paris this weekend, and I might have found the solution: Dr Hauschka’s Sage Mint Deodorant. You have to understand that we are having a massive heatwave here in Paris, with temperatures going up to 41 degrees and no air conditioning, so it was the perfect time to put a deodorant to the test. And it worked! I am happy to report back that not only do we not smell, we even totally forgot that we were not wearing super strengh deodorant. So a bit thumbs up to Dr Hauschka for finally coming up with a natural deodorant that actually works!

– Emilie


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Van Hoove
July 6, 2015

Hello Émilie !
You must try the soapwalla kitchen déodorant my favourite !! You can order it via the web site ohmycream.
Belle journée !

Maria José Tavares
July 6, 2015

Hello Emile! I’m contacting you from Portugal. Can you tell me how I can buy (online) this Sage Mint Deodorant? Thanks and congrats for your project:)

Emilie in Paris
July 6, 2015

Hi Maria,
I got mine at a local pharmacy in Paris and I know that Dr Hauschka is widely available in Health Food Stores over here. I think you might also be able to find it on amazon.com. This is the link I found on the Dr Hauschka website for Portugal: http://www.drhauschka.es/ (but it looks like a Spanish URL?)

July 6, 2015

been on the exact same path – really appreciate your feedback – thank you! also found a lovely american product – rock crystal: you get it in a spray and a solid crystal. spray is great.
no fragrance but effective for perspiration control

July 6, 2015

Thank you for the tips – we’ve been struggling with the heatwave too! In fact, we wrote a pice full of tips on how to survive, which is here if you’d like to read: http://en.emoi-emoi.com/blog/ 🙂

émoi émoi

July 6, 2015

Hooray! I’ve also been on that hunt for a long time and had abandoned all hope!

July 6, 2015

Salt of the earth natural deo is great. Really works and doesn’t smell.

July 6, 2015

The Aesop deodorant is really good too, I use it all summer in Australia no problems. I’m in Paris at the moment and so far its surviving the heatwave too. Thankfully it’s not so hot this week though, 41 degrees with no aircon is not fun!!

July 7, 2015

Oh I need to try this one out! I also really like the Avene Regulation Deo (http://www.amazon.de/AVENE-Deo-Roll-empfindliche-Haut/dp/B00E59Y9SQ/ref=pd_sim_194_3?ie=UTF8&refRID=1NDWBCAYGX0MWS3T2MZF) – it`s for sensitive skin, smells good and does it job pretty well.

I also highly recommend the Thermal Spring Water by La Roche Posay (http://www.amazon.de/Roche-Posay-Thermalwasser-Neu-Spray/dp/B000V3O732) to survive this heatwave 🙂
You can also use a simple, empty spray bottle and fill it with cold water, the best for refreshing yourself in the car, train, city, office… 😉


July 7, 2015

I highly highly highly recommend “Real Purity”. I’ve been through many natural deodorants including some in the comments above and that one is the best I’ve found.

July 7, 2015

Wat een goed nieuws!
Ik gebruik al jaren alles van Hauschka voor mijn gezicht. Eigenlijk alle creme’s en make-up. Maar die deo nooit aan gedacht! Ga ik zeker snel voor mijn vakantie naar Spanje inslaan! Bedankt voor de test!

July 9, 2015

I will have to investigate this one, thank you for the recommendation! The only other natural deodorant I have ever found that can handle the rigours of an Australian summer is Moogoo Fresh Cream deodorant, a great Australian, all natural product. Salt sticks/rock crystals etc have never worked for me. Emma x

Emilie in Paris
July 9, 2015

Same here Emma and I have tried a ton! xx

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