Pala Mino


I now have a 9 year old who “hates” girly stuff. Now the problem is that it is very hard to understand what that actually means. When questioned the answer is: “Well, you know…. girly stuff!!!!”

What I have concluded is that it means pink and frills and nothing that is considered “not comfy”. The rest can be negotiated, like in politics.


We recently were sent this dress by Pala Mino and to both mine and Coco’s relief it is on the thin cross-over line between what we both love. I love the beautiful cut and fabric and the fact that it is locally made in Britain. Coco loves it for the simple reason that it is, as mentioned before “comfy” and also funky.

Here are a couple photos of my Coco wearing her lovely Pala Mino Grecian Dress out and about in Marrakesh earlier this month.

– Emilie


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Jackie van den Bergh
June 10, 2015

I love this dress, I also have a daughter who doesn’t like “girly stuff”. Comfort is her number one priority. She repeats her mantra of wanting “cozy clothes”. She is also 9 years old , I think they don’t want to stick out or be different. I do however find it very difficult to find affordable good quality clothes that are suitable for her age. Thanks for the recommendation. Jackie

June 11, 2015

Love this, will get for my 9 year old too. Wish they did it in my size!

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