Hair style: a messy top-knot

This hairstyle is one of my favourites for Sara — I think it reflects her style really well (plus, it suits her face). It’s easy, but the technique is a bit tricky to explain. I’ll do my best, and I think the photos help!

Have an elastic band handy. First, brush the hair up high (high!) and form a pony tail with your left hand. Then, with your other hand, start bringing the elastic band around the hair, while you make a small loop around your right thumb with the hair. Don’t pull the hair through the band! Take the elastic band in your left hand.

Sara_topknot_8 Sara_topknot_10
Twist the elastic band to secure the loop of hair, and keep holding it (together with the loop) with your left hand. Now with the right hand, twist the remaining hair around the loop (underneath the elastic band).

Add the twist of remaining hair to your left hand and with the right one, secure the elastic band around the knot.

Gently pull the knot a little to loosen it up, and voila!

Sara_topknot_3 Sara_topknot_2

xxx Esther

All photos by my friend Maud Fontein


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May 28, 2015

I love these hairstyles – cute, feminine and practical. Thanks for showing us!

May 29, 2015

Sara looks great with this hairstyle. Just right for her soon to be 10 year old self!

Wayden King
October 5, 2016

I don’t believe the people she meets are so shallow that they care what she wears. Does anyone care how much the president of the United States Suits are? No because they know the issues are what is important. No one would know the price of her clothes if tabloids did not print them, and let’s be real they print them because they know people will talk.

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