Woody knitting toy

May 27, 2015

woody sewing sheep Ivy with woody sheep
sewing woody sheep
wool and sheep
ivy sewing

This past Christmas I discovered the ethical French toy brand Les Jouets Libres when looking for gifts to give my nieces and nephews. They make the most beautiful, old-fashioned wooden toys, the kind of toys you keep forever. I ended up buying this pretty stacking toy for one and this colourful blocks set for another, both which were made from sustainable wood and eco-friendly dyes.

Les Jouets Libres has come out with a new toy, this lovely wooden knitting sheep, and I recently picked it up for Ivy who has lately been showing interest in sewing and weaving. The concept is really simple — it’s a wooden sheep with little holes, and kids can thread the wool in and out of the holes to cover the sheep in a woolly coat. It’s a great way to teach kids the basics of sewing, encouraging them to learn dexterity and patience. Ivy has now covered her sheep in wool twice, and it was impressive how much better she was the second time she did it.

“Woody” is available from the Les Jouets Libres site in France or from EeenyMeeny Kids here in the UK.

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May 29, 2015

This looks like a wonderful toy!

September 1, 2015

Is this available in the US at all? I would love to buy this for my daughter!

December 24, 2015

Hi! I saw this toy in Russia. Exactly the same, but different package box and name. Is that okay that they make the same toy but different name? Does “Les Jouets Libres” have some kind of Copyright? I mean is this toy under “Les Jouets Libres” ‘ s copyright?

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