Little Trip away: Marrakesh


France has a funny school break at the end of April. It can be absolutely gorgeous or it can be dismal weather over here, so if you want some guaranteed good weather, you need to go South. Coco, who is nine now, and I skipped and hopped onto a plane and went to Marrakesh for a short break, and (not very surprisingly) it was amazing and just what the doctor ordered. Marrakesh is only 2.5 hours away from Paris by plane, so it is an easy escape.

I was not able to take much time off work and yet wanted a real break with sun, so I did something I have hardly ever done before and booked us into nice hotel. (You know one of those things where they cook for you and you don’t have to plan anything?). We stayed at the Beldi Country Club which worked out awesomely. It was about 15 minutes away from the airport, but a world away from our everyday life – we instantly felt on holiday.



We spent some time exploring the hotel and its gardens, did some pottery and swimming and Coco instantly became friends with the whole gaggle of kids running round. In fact, one of my lasting memories will be the sound of a horde of sandals chasing each other around the gardens.

Coco and Atlas

We went for a full day horse ride around the foothills of the Atlas mountains, through villages and little creeks and hills – it was absolutely stunning and such a great way to explore the area.

We also visited Marrakesh, its souk, where we had lunch in the lovely Café des Epices, the palaces and the beautiful Majorelle gardens. We strolled around Jemaa el-Fnaa square, but I have to admit the people, the snakes and the heat suddenly got too much for Coco, so I picked her up and we jumped into a horse drawn carriage to take us around the old city, which worked out as the perfect way of discovering the sites. I get quite into bartering so the Souk was perfect for me and, though we only got tat, it was a lot of fun!


It was absolutely amazing to pop out of our daily routine and suddenly be in a completely different place, with completely different sounds, smells, temperature, nature and architecture. We absolutely loved it!

Coco Dress

It was also very special to have a bit of time with Coco on my own as I realised how big 9 years is and how much she has grown and developed. So nice to stop, even for a short while, and be able to take in the important things in life!


– Emilie


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Esther in Amsterdam
May 12, 2015

It sounds so amazing — Morocco / Marrakech has been on my list of places I want to visit for over 20 years — I can’t believe I have never made it! Plus — yes — nine is a lot. Our girls are becoming little ladies! x

May 12, 2015

So inspiring! Another spring or even winter place to go is Oualidia, a wonderful coastal town in Southern Morocco. We went last February and even swam in the sea for a bit!

May 12, 2015

Oh my gosh, just looked it up and it looks amazing. I have a serious case of the travel bug at the moment!

Courtney in London
May 12, 2015

Your trip sounds/looks amazing! I’ve also had Morocco on my list for so long. (Maybe we should all go together?!)
I didn’t realise that you just took Coco. What a treat!! xx

May 13, 2015

I imagine your daughter will remember this trip forever – and what an amazing destination! My husband and I made a commitment that every five years, we will try to take each of our children for a weekend away. The older two have had trips already – it made such a difference to get that one on one time!

May 14, 2015

I love Morocco & Marrakesh. Sounds like you had a great trip.

May 14, 2015

What a fabulous short getaway! In Australia it is impossible to be somewhere so exotic and exciting in 2.5 hours! How lovely for you to have such special one on one time with your daughter also. Emma x

May 15, 2015

It looks amazing, I love the idea of a trip together with one child. I have 3, and I work and study so time is stretched and not much 1:1 is available. Something to plan for the future and make it extra special for each child in their turn.

June 10, 2015

[…] are a couple photos of my Coco wearing her lovely Pala Mino Grecian Dress out and about in Marrakesh earlier this […]

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