A LEGO party for Pim’s 8th birthday

Lego Party decoration (Babyccino Kids)Birthdays are a big deal for children, and we like to celebrate it appropriately. We make a big deal out of it. Our children get a party for family and close family friends (the ‘family party’), and then they get to invite a few classmates for another party (the ‘friends’ party). For his 8th ‘friends’  birthday party, Pim had decided he wanted a LEGO party.

I honestly admit that I was a bit at a loss what to do with this theme. I mean, a strawberry high tea, a cooking party, or a disco party — I didn’t have to think long with coming up with some fun activities and decoration for those. And in the end, the interpretation of the adventurous treasure hunt of Pim’s party last year was quite straightforward as well, once the concept was there. But Lego?

And then I thought — the best thing about Lego, is Lego. We don’t need to provide anything else, than lots and lots of Lego! So we went to Ebay, and bought two second-hand batches of Lego bricks. We got loads!

Lego-party-cups Lego-Party-centerpiece Lego-Party_boat Lego_Party_decorationTable decoration was kept simple. I drew Lego faces on little glas jars, and poured orange juice inside. Pim made the center setting for the table, his name in giant 3D letters! And above the table, we strung yellow balloons, again, with Lego faces on them.

Lego birthday party - Lego-Party Lego-Party-Lego-Brick-Cake

We served rectangular carrot cake with M&M’s on them to resemble Lego bricks.

Lego Party cracker with cheese (

And later, I prepared some ‘Lego’ cheese crackers, with cheese dots on them.

LegoParty tower babyccinokids.comAnd then, we dunked all of the Lego on the floor and the kids could play! We gave them two ‘missions’ — the first one was to build the highest tower in three groups of three (which were properly measured afterwards of course). Simple but super exciting! And then, we asked one group to make a vehicle for the land, one group for the sea, and one group for the air. After 10 minutes we rotated the groups, and again a bit later.

Lego_party_cleanupIt was a really fun afternoon! And a perfect party for the lousy weather as well — it was raining outside the entire time, but cheerful and bright inside!

xxx Esther


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April 1, 2015

I Love this idea! So simple but fun!

April 1, 2015


April 1, 2015

It’s amasing how much effort you put into your kids’ parties. It’s very inspiring!!!
At what age did you start these themed parties? And was the age always the limit on how many kids could be invited?

Esther in Amsterdam
April 1, 2015

Hi Andrea, thank you!
I think I started these parties at the age of 5. And yes, my children can invite as many children as the age they become — so Pim invited 8 friends.

April 1, 2015

Esther you amaze me every time with your ideas and talent. Great party, Pim must have loved it so.

April 1, 2015

Just a fun idea!! I love the idea of the lego cheese and crackers. Happy (belated) Birthday to Pim! x

April 1, 2015

Best Lego party idea I’ve seen yet! Well done Esther!

April 1, 2015

I love this theme! The glasses with the faces are such a cool idea!
Anneka x

April 1, 2015

Fabulous, I’m bookmarking this for the future. Another cool idea I saw on Pinterest: make cookies, cover with colorful icing and put Dots (they are big round candies) on them. Or M&M’s like you did.
I was wondering: in the Netherlands, do you do goodie bags for kids or is this an American custom only?

Esther in Amsterdam
April 1, 2015

Hi Steph,
Thanks for the idea!
Yes, we do have party bags. We never used to have them when I was a child, but these days, kids seem to count on them… For Pim’s party, we kept it simple. I got a little ‘surprise bag’ Lego man for each child. We attached a lolly, and a little thank you note that Pim wrote. See here:

April 1, 2015

Absolutely Awesome… love it xx

April 2, 2015

Wonderful wonderful idea, Esther! Lovely production, as always. Please keep on. You inspire me deeply…
Congratulations to Pim 🙂
Best regards,

April 6, 2015

[…] A LEGO party for Pim’s 8th birthday […]

Decoration anniversaire
June 3, 2016

It’s verry beautifull

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