Town Hall Hotel

Adamo kids at Town Hall Hotel
kitchen at Town Hall Hotel
Town Hall Hotel
Ivy on the steps of Town Hall Hotel
Town Hall Hotel_exterior
Town Hall Hotel pool
Town Hall Hotel corner room
This past weekend we enjoyed our very first ‘staycation’ — a little weekend holiday in our own city! We stayed at the super cool Town Hall Hotel over in Bethnal Green, East London, and it was so fun to get to know this part of London and to enjoy a weekend out of our home, away from the usual laundry and chores we would have been faced with at home.

The rooms at the Town Hall Hotel are especially spacious and so stylish with a blend of old and new decor (check out this suite!).  Many of the rooms come with little kitchens and dining areas which are great for families, and our room even had a washer/dryer unit! So handy! The hotel also has a pool, which the kids were SO excited about and which provided hours of entertainment on the rainy Sunday.

Apart from the continental breakfast in the stylish Corner Room, we went out for our meals — taking advantage of the nearby Broadway Market on Saturday, Columbia Road flower market on Sunday, and our favourite pizza restaurant, Story Deli, located nearby. The hotel is also a five-minute walk from Victoria Park and the wonderful Pavillion Cafe, and is just down the street from The Museum of Childhood. So there were plenty of activities to keep us entertained and restaurants to keep our bellies full.

A wonderful holiday in our very own city!



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April 2, 2015

Many of your city guides have been very useful. However, this particular one came across as a promo freebie laid on by the hotel in question in return for positive reviews. The gushing by the hotel on your and their IG was ridiculous. Whilst you may well have enjoyed your stay if it was a gift it is impossible for us to really know the truth. It would be helpful to say “courtesy of …” so readers can make up their own minds. If you are being paid to stay there then your review becomes tainted. Such blatant and unnecessary commercialism is very disappointing from a team that allegedly abhor advertising.

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