Lennebelle, an interview and a little video

A few weeks ago, sweet Lenneke, from the gorgeous Dutch mother & child jewellery line Lennebelle, came over to our house with her husband Joey to shoot some photos and the little video above for her beautiful series ‘The Mama Stories’, in which she regularly interviews a mama about motherhood and her lifestyle choices. It was a really fun day, and I got a deep respect for Lenneke, who was 36 weeks pregnant with her second child at the time (now over 38 — I’m waiting for baby news!), and Joey, who is such a talented photographer / videographer. It’s so nice to get to know all these wonderful people through our job, entrepreneurs who seek the adventure and fulfilment of making something beautiful, and Lennebel is definitely a testimony of the talent and energy of the couple behind the brand.

I have shared some photos of the day below, you can see my children (and me!) wearing Lennebelle‘s beautiful bracelets and necklaces. And you can see more photos and read the interview here if you’re interested!

The-Mamma-Stories-featuring-Esther,-Sara,-Pim,-Ava-&-Casper-for-Lennebelle-Petites-2 The-Mamma-Stories-featuring-Esther,-Sara,-Pim,-Ava-&-Casper-for-Lennebelle-Petites-11 The-Mamma-Stories-featuring-Esther,-Sara,-Pim,-Ava-&-Casper-for-Lennebelle-Petites-15 The-Mamma-Stories-featuring-Esther,-Sara,-Pim,-Ava-&-Casper-for-Lennebelle-Petites-49 The-Mamma-Stories-featuring-Esther,-Sara,-Pim,-Ava-&-Casper-for-Lennebelle-Petites-51 The-Mamma-Stories-featuring-Esther,-Sara,-Pim,-Ava-&-Casper-for-Lennebelle-Petites-3 The-Mamma-Stories-featuring-Esther,-Sara,-Pim,-Ava-&-Casper-for-Lennebelle-Petites-25 The-Mamma-Stories-featuring-Esther,-Sara,-Pim,-Ava-&-Casper-for-Lennebelle-Petites-1 zThe-Mamma-Stories-featuring-Esther,-Sara,-Pim,-Ava-&-Casper-for-Lennebelle-Petites-1 The-Mamma-Stories-featuring-Esther,-Sara,-Pim,-Ava-&-Casper-for-Lennebelle-Petites-48 The-Mamma-Stories-featuring-Esther,-Sara,-Pim,-Ava-&-Casper-for-Lennebelle-Petites-41xxx Esther



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February 18, 2015

I love catching up on your blog while I have my morning coffee (If the kids allow!) This feature is beautiful and your questions so well answered in the interview.

February 18, 2015

That is just so sweet! beautiful capture of a beautiful family! Loved reading the interview! (Especially since you mentioned wine twice ;)) XXX

February 18, 2015

PS: I have to mention that I’m swooning over the jewellery! SO NICE! I browsed the site and found some gems I want to have NOW!

February 18, 2015

Lovely interview! The video really captures an extra layer of familial sweetness that photos often cannot do. Well done!

February 19, 2015

I loved the video and your answers! Especially nice to hear its good to have mama me time to recharge!! Lovely bracelets and I’m also very keen to know where your jeans are from if you don’t mind sharing?

Esther in Amsterdam
February 24, 2015

The jeans are from Anecdote! x

March 4, 2015

Hi Esther. Many thanks they look fabulous, I’ll check out Anecdote. Cheers, Phillipa!

February 19, 2015

I absolutely love the sweet video of your fabulous family! E xx

February 22, 2015

Oh that shooting star necklace is adorable. Love it!

February 24, 2015

Great little video! I have officially been away from the blogosphere for too long 😉

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