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I like Animals by Dahlov Ipcar

i like animals
I Like Animals book
I Like Animals 4

I like vintage kid’s books – one day I’ll write some more about that, but suffice to say it’s quite a habit. I always argue with my husband that I’m cheaper then other wives – I don’t need Jimmy Choos! I spend literally NOTHING on cosmetics! But he argues that we need to buy a bigger house to store the books and so it turns out that even a penny-book obsession can get out of hand.
You see there is a snowball effect with my purchases – when I stumble upon an illustrator (usually) or author that I think is brilliant I start trying to track down more and more of their books and so one purchase can turn into 3 or 4 or more!

I discovered Dahlov Ipcar when I stumbled upon a copy of My Wonderful Christmas Tree and thought it might be good for our Advent Book Calendar. I loved her illustrations so much that I searched for more and discovered that a few of her books had recently been republished and bought back to life with remastered artworks by Flying Eye Books, and so I bought I Like Animals for a little boy who does.

What hit me first is the use of colour – this book feels right in keeping with today’s fashion – a coral pink, khaki-mustard, forest green and petrol blue – Some pages printed with all and others using just one – the result is striking. Not so much of a story but rather lists of the different animals and where you’d find them. It’s a really lovely book to look through.

Mo x


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Esther in Amsterdam
February 18, 2015

I share your love for vintage books. This one looks beautiful — thanks for the tip!! xxx

February 18, 2015

Dear Mo – I just wanted to say how much I love your posts about children books! Me too, I am quite a children’s book addict and seem to have the same conversations with my husband as you have with yours! Thank you for your latest recommendations….some of them already found their way from the bookstore into our home!

Courtney in London
February 18, 2015

Oooh I love the look of this one! Definitely going to order a copy. (Your book reviews are not very good for my de-cluttering and downsizing phase!!!) 🙂 xx

February 18, 2015

Mo – you sound like someone I could talk hours with about children’s books! We first discovered Ipcar via her book “Cat at Night”. It’s colorful and interesting…and such a fav around here.

February 18, 2015

Vintage books are just the best… they are by far my favourite…Love especially the ones from James Krüss, I don’t know if his books are known elsewhere than Germany…

February 19, 2015

Mo, I love your book posts and this one is another gem. I’ve just ordered it together with Lobsterman which equally looks a fun read. Thanks for sharing x

November 19, 2015

[…] Wonderful Christmas Tree (Dahlov Ipcar). I wrote about another Dahlov Ipcar book, I Love Animals, earlier in the year. I really love her illustrations and this Christmassy book is no exception. […]

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