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Birds of a Feather (and other books) by Francesco Pittau Gervais

Birds of a Feather Cover
Birds of a Feather inside 1
Birds of a Feather inside 2

All three of my kids fell in love with books when they first ‘read’ Dear Zoo – the definitive lift-the-flap book (in my view). In fact lift-the-flap books were always a hit in our house and that’s why this book by Francesco Pittau Gervais was a perfect gift for them last Christmas.

Whilst I am a big fan of one of Pittau Gervais’s earlier books – Elephant Elements (which I wrote about here), this series of lift-the-flap books aimed at older children – Birds of a Feather , Out of Sight , The Open Ocean are more sophisticated in their style. In ‘Birds of a Feather’ the flaps give you a hint to the bird hiding behind – maybe a silouhette of a particular feature of the bird, a detail of the markings on their feathers or the egg they came from, and the illustrations of the birds are really beautiful.
The book takes that which babies and young toddlers love about a lift-flap – the element of surprise – and uses it to educate in a playful but informative way. It is really a treasure of a book – but beware of young lift-flappers – the books are made using thinner card then the normal board-books and so are not as robust!

NB: the photo shows the German version of the book – the English cover is actually a lot nicer (in my view).

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Esther in Amsterdam
January 28, 2015

Haha, I love your warning for the young lift-flappers — for sure Casper fits that description. But I should get it for the older kids, they will love it! Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂 x

January 28, 2015

Great recommendation. They look like a lot of fun. But I also love the bird head piece your child is wearing – Where is that from? Thanks

January 28, 2015

Hi Anna
That Flamingo head-piece was from a great capsule collection H&M did a few years ago – it was in aid of a charity (I can’t remember which one) but they had some really fun bits – my son got a polar bear hat which is also pretty awesome and all at H&M prices helping a charity – great. I hope they do more things like that!

January 29, 2015

We’ve got a sketch / colouring book from Pittau/Gervais (Mein Klipp-KLapp Kritzelbuch – in der Natur) It also has flaps and gorgeous illustrations which are big enough to be coloured by sticky little fingers with huge crayons. I didn’t know these. So a big Thank You!

(and WOW: a German version. 🙂 )

P.S.: I had a good laugh at L’s flamingo hat. I thought it was one of those old fashioned swimming hats at first glance.

February 2, 2015

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February 13, 2015

That flamingo hat is brilliant! My daughter is dressing as a flamingo (from Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland) and is wearing a flamingo headband from Wilkinsons – cape and headset for £5!

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