Super Simple Christmas Paper and Gift Tags DIY

Wrapping Paper and Gift Tags DIY

Hi there, it’s me again! Here we are one post later and we’re already in the middle of December rush. Is it just me or does time fly faster every year? It feels like just yesterday it was still summer, doesn’t it? But it truly is the most delicious time of the year for me. I love the cinnamon smell, the beautiful carols and songs, even all those cheesy Christmas movies and cartoons and the different anticipations this time of the year brings for Tila. Like tree decorating, Christmas crafts and of course presents that St. Nicholas and the big almighty Santa Claus bring.

Last year I decided to start making my own wrapping paper and gift tags for these two men simply because Tila is one very smart cookie and I’m worried she’d get suspicious if she noticed they use the same paper and tags as we do.
This year for St. Nicholas I used this super simple technique of pencil-eraser stamping that literally takes you a few minutes and I made gift tags that even people with no drawing talent can do. I posted a picture of both on my Instagram and many moms loved it so I thought you might too.

Wrapping Paper

For the paper you need:

-Wrapping Paper (I used the plain brown packing paper you get at the Post Office)
-Pencil With an Eraser on the end
-White Paint or even better (and much less messier) a White Inkpad

First measure and cut out the amount of wrapping paper you need for your gift.
Tape it to the table so it doesn’t roll down while stamping.
Now tap the eraser onto inkpad or paint and press firmly onto paper.
When you’re done you move the paper on the wall and leave there to dry completely.

What You Need for Tags

In the meanwhile the gift tags can be done and all you need for those is:

-Thick brown paper or Thin Cardboard
-Scissors or Craft Knife
-Black Drawing Pen
-Small Pom-Poms
-Red and White Twine
-Hole Paper Punch

Xmas Gift Tags Xmas Raindeer Gift Tag

Cut out rectangles (mine are the size 6 x 10 cm) and draw this simple raindeer you see on the photo above, glue a pompom where its nose should be, write a name of the recipient and punch a hole in the center about a centimeter from the top edge.

Now cut about 20 cm of twine and slip it through a hole.

Voilá! Simple as that.

Ps. Don’t forget to get rid of any evidence. If there are any failed tags, throw them away! Don’t leave any pompoms lying around! And wash the eraser! Kids are sometimes (many times) much smarter than us… 😉


To read more from Polona, go to her cute blog Baby Jungle!


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Esther in Amsterdam
December 10, 2014

Adorable!!!! xxx

December 11, 2014

love it ….well done – thanks for the ideas, can’t wait to try it.

December 11, 2015

I made it! Its quick and easy and very adorable! Thank you for the idea!

December 12, 2015

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November 10, 2019

Thank you for the wonderful craft idea! I’m looking forward to doing this with my kids. One favor – would you consider deleting the comments about making the tags for Santa so your kids don’t get suspicious. My daughter and I were reading this together and, since she’s a Santa believer, this lead to an awkward conversation. Just something to consider. Thanks!

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