The ShopUp, a final recap in photos

The ShopUp girl kneeling
I know we’ve already shared loads of photos from the ShopUp, but Lesley Colvin took so many great ones, we can’t help but share a few more! Whether you were able to pop in or not, we thought a little recap might be a fun way to either let you re-live all the fun or give you a little glimpse of what you may have missed. Here’s a recap in photos and a few thank-yous we would love to make:

ShopUp Preview_013
ShopUp Preview_012 (1)
ShopUp Preview_014
ShopUp Preview_004

How gorgeous is the Chelsea Town Hall? We were so happy to have this pretty venue as a backdrop for all our wonderfully stylish shops!

ShopUp 2014 Kid&Coe

A big, big thank you to our main sponsor, Kid & Coe! The founder, Zoie Kingsbery Coe, flew in all the way from New York to be there, and it was such a great opportunity to talk to her about her business. They were passing out discount vouchers? Did you get one? I can’t wait to put that to use!

ShopUp cookies by Bees Bakery

ShopUp cookies by Bee’s Bakery, which were as delicious as they were pretty! We handed them out to the first 100 visitors and they disappeared quickly!
ShopUp Preview_046
ShopUp Preview_047

Another big thank you to Maggie & Rose for setting up the cutest craft activity station, providing loads of arts & crafts entertainment for the little ones.

ShopUp 2014 band on stage
ShopUp dancing

Big Gilbert and the Little Angels is THE cutest band, offering great music and a lively evening of fun and dance! It was the highlight of Wednesday evening, second to our amazing shops of course. : ) Oh, and it helped to have the delicious sparkling wine from Weinreich and yummy macarons from La Dinette!  So much goodness in one evening!

La Coqueta at ShopUp
ShopUp Preview_054
ShopUp Preview_022
ShopUp signs
ShopUp Preview_020
ShopUp Preview_026
ShopUp Preview_051
ShopUp Preview_007
Lastly, we are so thankful to all our amazing shops and to all the wonderful visitors who came.  It was wonderfully busy with both happy shoppers and happy shops. We felt so inspired to have all that amazing talent and creativity under one roof and so proud to support these independent brands. It was also so nice to meet our readers and friends, some who flew in all the way from Germany, Turkey and Spain! Thank you all so very very much.

We’re already looking forward to the next one! You too? xx

All photos by our wonderful (and talented!) friend, Lesley Colvin, who deserves the final thank-you! 


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December 8, 2014

The ShopUp looks like a fun place to just hang out. Wish I was there! Congrats on the success.


December 9, 2014

This looks so wonderful! I loved following along on Instagram and was mega jealous that I couldn’t make it. For your next one, could you pleeeease consider holding it on a weekend so that us working non-Londoners might be able to attend!? I would truly love to make it next time. Congratulations on your big day(s)!

December 28, 2014

could you please let me know where those shoes with the floral laces are from?!thanks

Courtney in London
December 29, 2014

The shoes are from Young Soles. You can find them here:

March 20, 2015


When is the Shop Up in NYC happening this September?


Esther in Amsterdam
March 22, 2015

September 12 & 13 — details will follow soon! 🙂

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