Marlow is two! A birthday photoshoot with Little Kin Photography

November 27, 2014

Little Kin photography1
little kin photography2
little kin photography3
My baby turned two a couple weeks ago and like a good mother I had organised a photoshoot with Polly Geal from Little Kin Photography for the day of her birthday. Actually, the honest truth is that I booked the photoshoot for November 12th because it was the only empty day in my diary… and coincidentally it turned out to be her birthday. (She’s my fourth child, after all. Tell me I’m not the only parent who forgets these things!)

But what a lucky coincidence! I’m so happy to have these photos of my birthday girl and our happy morning together. There was a notable excitement in the air that morning and Marlow was full of extra cheek and enthusiasm knowing it was her special day. It was really the perfect opportunity to capture her spunky little spirit on camera, and I think Polly did such a wonderful job (I’m so impressed any of these photos are in focus as Marlow did not stop moving the entire morning! A true testament of her photography skills!). Here are some of my favourite photos from the selection she sent over:

little kid photography 5
Little Kin photos 15
little kin photography 7
Little Kin photos 17
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little kin photography 11
Little Kin photos birthday hat
little kin photography 12
little kin photography 13
I love that Polly captured the excitement in the air but also managed to snap some real everyday moments: Marlow closing the shutters even though we asked her to keep them open (cheeky girl!), me trying unsuccessfully to get Marlow to sit on my lap on my bed, putting Marlow’s tights back on after a trip to the potty, Marlow running around the kitchen refusing to stand still, etc. Ordinary moments on a not-so ordinary day. Just looking at these photos makes me want to smooch her sweet, smooshy face. Like this:
little kin photos 16

Thank you so much, Polly, for spending Marlow’s birthday morning with us and for capturing these sweet moments. I’m thinking I might organise photo shoots for future birthdays! Clever idea that was. ; )

Courtney xx


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November 27, 2014

What beautiful photos, so true how she captured real life moments!

misha lulu
November 27, 2014

Happy Birthday!!! Beautiful pictures!

November 28, 2014

She is the coolest!

November 28, 2014

I looooove how beautiful little Marlow’s eyes are wide open and staring at you as you kiss her. Classic toddler! These photos are great and as for being forgetful about important dates… I only have one little monkey and my brain has gone kaput so I think you’re doing very well indeed. xxxxx

November 28, 2014

SO gorgeous! All the pictures are super cute but the last one where you smooch Marlows face takes the cake because I think that’s what everyone wants to do after looking at these photos! Great idea – I think I’ll hire a photographer, too for my little ones birthday. 🙂

November 28, 2014

Her little face is soooo adorable! Such sweet pics!

December 1, 2014

absolutely adorable! love love love!

December 5, 2014

Where did you get that adorable blue outfit Marlow is wearing in the last three pictures? It looks so cute!

Courtney in London
December 5, 2014

Thank you Claire!
The little romper is from Waddler: xx

February 7, 2015

Such a sweet photoshoot! Makes you want a photographer in your house to capture those everyday moments that are so precious and underrated. And she really has a cheeky smile, so cute.
OMG, I just realized that while you were doing this I was giving birth to my baby!!!

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