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blurb instagram books

I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram. Most of the time I love it and find the community there so wonderful and supportive and inspiring, but you know… there are days… ! : )

One of the biggest reasons why I do love it is how easy it is to make Instagram books over at Blurb.  You literally just sign in with your Instagram account and the photos in your feed will be automatically uploaded, making it super easy to pick and choose your photos for your book. Unlike some of the more complex systems where you have to download the book-making software to your computer, these little Instagram photo books can be made in less than five minutes! Nothing intimidating about it.

blurb instagram books 2

We have a little collection of Instagram books from the past couple years and I’m currently in the process of creating one from our recent trip to Venice. It’s such a great way of documenting your travels or a special occasion and so fun to look at them and remember those happy family moments. My boys took the books to bed with them the other night and I found them scattered around inside their bed the next morning!

Summer 2014 instagram book
Last month I created a ‘Summer 2014’ photo book and it makes me so happy to look at those sunny summery photos! (Fast-forward to next summer, please!) I’m not sure if it’s a new feature, but I realised when I made this one that you can even add extra pages, so this book is a bit thicker than our others, and definitely one of our favourites.

summer instagram blurb book
summer 2014 instagram book2

Blurb doesn’t just do Instagram books — they offer all sorts of wonderful book-making tools and different types of photo book options. You can even create your own magazine. How cool is that?! And I love their suggestion of making baby photo books and adding captions and comments to create a special book all about your baby. The possibilities are endless!

Courtney x


p.s. This post was sponsored by Blurb, a company I’ve used and trusted for a long time, and a new member of our shopping portal. 


Comments (10)

November 13, 2014

Thanks to your previous posts about these books I am creating Christmas gifts for the grandparents of the grandchildren in 2014! About as original as I can think of so huge thanks for the idea 🙂
Your photo books look awesome – you have a great eye for photography anyway (& a beautiful family to take pictures of) – your books look professional! x

Esther in Amsterdam
November 13, 2014

Can you come and do my photo books please? 🙂 xxx

November 13, 2014

Hi Courtney, what is the print quality like of these books – is it good? I’m interested in getting one…

Courtney in London
November 13, 2014

The print quality is excellent. I’ve never had a problem with images not looking clear. And I like that you can choose the quality/weight of the paper, and choose matte or gloss finish. x

November 13, 2014

I was wondering about the quality of the photos, after they’ve been retouched a bit. Do the black and white ones and least redone look much better than the ones with filers?
thank you :*

November 13, 2014

Reminds me how i need to print some more of these books! I have printed several books from Blurb and agree, the quality is excellent. I also go for the matte finish. Prized books on our bookshelf!

November 13, 2014

The print quality looks excellent indeed! I was wondering whether you need to retouch the photos before sending them to Blurb.

November 14, 2014

Hi Courtney, what size book did you go for? Small or large square? Thanks!

November 16, 2014

[…] I have got to do this, I have got to do this, I have got to do this… Blurb Photo Books from your Instagram feed on Babyccinokids. […]

November 23, 2014

I love making books through blurb and my little one looks at them all the time.
I recently complied a bunch of pictures from my family of all different sizes and varying degree of digital quality and made a another book through blurb. I was skeptical about a few of the photos not being good quality but it came out beautiful. The program will alert you if a file is too small and will not look good in print. It was definitely a success and really fun to put it all together.

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