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Coco is at a stage now where she takes herself off to read her books and I am not part of that world anymore. It is kind of sad, but also such an important part of growing up and building her own world. I still remember the pleasure of getting lost in a book at her age and escaping reality and (occasionally) annoying siblings!

I also have to admit that a lot of books she reads frankly do not interest me at all! Let’s face it, a pack of mice solving mysteries is just not my thing…

There are some books though that she reads that are so well written and fun, that I sneak into her room at night to steal her book and read it myself. Her current read, Rooftoppers , is one of them. Written by 27-year-old Katherine Rundell, it is about a baby found floating in a cello case after a shipwreck in the English channel. The baby grows up to be a spirited little girl, who does not give up the search for her lost mother.

It is beautifully written and engaging and feels like a classic, even though it only came out earlier this year.

Both Coco and I highly recommend it! 😉

– Emilie



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November 12, 2014

Hi! How old is Coco?

November 12, 2014

She is 8, turning 9 at the end of this year.

November 12, 2014

Brilliant! You’ve just solved the problem of what to give my 8yr old book worm neice for Christmas. Thanks Emilie!

November 12, 2014

My daughter (age 9, Yr 4) absolutely loved it too! x

November 24, 2014

this looks great! just checked it out of the library- along with her other book! thanks so much!

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