Waddler photo competition

Waddler photo competition Patagonia
I don’t normally enter photo competitions, but here is one that I just can’t pass up. The prize is just too good! The chance to win a£1,000 shopping spree at Waddler plus a once-in-a-lifetime trip to South America?! I’m in. You too? Just look at that beautiful landscape above…



Waddler is one of my very favourite children’s brands. Their fair trade collection is produced in Bolivia from 100% baby alpaca wool, one of nature’s finest natural fibers, and is incredibly soft. The pieces have something very sweet and simple about them, yet they are wild and adventurous. And the colours are so gorgeously rich and soft at the same time.

Waddler has teamed up with PlanSouthAmerica, a British-owned and operated travel company with offices in London and Buenos Aires, to offer a once-in-a-lifetime trip to South America, the birthplace of Waddler and the inspiration for their designs. They’re offering one very lucky winner the chance to £1,000 worth of beautiful clothes and £1,000 towards an amazing family holiday in South America.

Marlow and Ivy in Waddler
To enter, all you have to do is take a photo of your children wearing their Waddller clothing and mail it to or upload them to Instagram using the hashtag #waddlercompetition by January 25th, 2015. (You can read more about the competition here.) I took this photo of my silly girls (above) when we were in Soho last weekend. Those little outfits are just too cute!

Courtney x
p.s. Waddler is one of 40 wonderful brands setting up shop at this year’s ShopUp event in December.  So if your kids don’t already have a piece from the collection, you’ll be able to shop their collection there!

p.p.s. This post was sponsored by Waddler, a brand we have loved for years and a longtime member of our shopping portal.


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November 7, 2014

Hi –

Where did you find the gray tights on your youngest daughter? The color is great, so versatile.


Courtney in London
November 8, 2014

Hi Kelly,
I usually buy tights from Elias & Grace. They always have such great colours! x

November 12, 2014

Thank you! One more question…where do you find your basic, plain knit t’s and turtlenecks? The basic (and pattern free) pieces are always the hardest to find!

Courtney in London
November 12, 2014

I was generously given some hand-me-down turtlenecks from Bonpoint a couple years ago, and they are SO great. The colours are really beautiful and versatile, and the quality is good too.

November 10, 2014

Dying to know where the shoes on your younger daughter are from!

Courtney in London
November 10, 2014

Hi Ashley,
Those shoes are now 10 years old! They’ve been worn by all of my children. I bought them at Bonpoint when Easton was a baby, and thankfully they’ve lasted the test of time. xx

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