Handknit jumpers and pompom hats from Babaà

Casper kissing Marlow
Babaa wool hat
Marlow and Casper wearing Babaa jumpers
Marlow wearing Babaa jumper and hat
Casper wearing Babaa
wool jumpers from Babaa

We’ve just returned from a road trip to Amsterdam to see Esther and her family, and I’m having such a fun time looking at all the photos from our time together. Eight kids is a lot of little people to feed and bathe and entertain and clean up after… but it was so much fun! It’s really so sweet to see how well they all play together and how quickly they settle in with each other, especially considering they only see each other once or twice a year. They really are such loving little friends.

Marlow and Casper were not entirely sure of each other. I think Marlow’s big personality is a bit intimidating for sweet Casper… but of course we’re still certain they’ll marry each other one day! ; )

We did, however, manage to take some sweet snaps of them playing together (and even a photo of Casper stealing a kiss!). They were wearing their cosy, new hand-knit jumpers and coordinating pompom hats from Babaà, so they looked extra extra cute. Don’t you agree they’ll make the cutest couple?! Marlow just has to learn that stealing Casper’s food and forcing him to hug her is not quite the way to win his heart…

Courtney  x


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Esther in Amsterdam
November 3, 2014

I can’t stop staring at these photos! 🙂 x

November 3, 2014

They are so cute! I LOVE the jumpers from babaà but even without those Marlow and Caspar are way to cute to handle! Just one quick question: are they both wearing size 2 (I’m just asking because they both have rolled up sleeves and both are 2/almost 2, right?)?

Courtney in London
November 3, 2014

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for your sweet comment.
Yes, they’re both wearing size 2. We find that the Babaà jumpers are quite generous in size. xx

November 3, 2014

These photos seriously put a smile on my face. What a sweet little duo!

November 3, 2014

Gorgeous children. Beautiful clothes. Thanks for sharing!

Emilie in Paris
November 3, 2014

They are so stinking cute! I love them both xxx

November 3, 2014

Gosh, such sweet photos! I can’t wait to see Babaa at The ShopUp. I have my eye on some new jumpers for the girls. Florence already has one but we are so happy with it, we need more! x

November 5, 2014

Love the jumpers and adore the shoes. Where are they from?

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