Liberty print sweetness (and knee patches!) from Milou & Pilou

milou and pilou1
milou and pilou2

milou and pilou 6

milou and pilou4

milou and pilou5

We’ve just gotten home from a little trip to Venice, and I really can’t wait to share photos and a summary of our trip. I just looked through all of our photos on our camera (precisely 589 of them!) and don’t know how on earth I will ever narrow down a selection to share. That city is a photographer’s dream!

Quickly though, I wanted to share some photos of the girls wearing their little matching outfits from Milou & Pilou. They looked so sweet roaming the streets of Venice together, and I just can’t get over Marlow’s little knee patches. Adorable!

The best thing about Venice is that it’s completely car-free, which means kids can walk the streets, play in the squares, join other kids for a game of football, or colour the paving stones with chalk.  My kids had so much fun playing in the quiet streets — I wish London was like that!

More Venice photos to come…

Courtney xx


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October 24, 2014

I’m so looking forward to hearing about your Venice trip. I’m hoping to take my family (including kids!) there next spring. Curious if you’d share details about your accommodations. Do you stay in 1 hotel room, 2 rooms, rent an apartment…..I’m always curious how large families handle vacations. Thanks!

October 24, 2014

Hi Courtney, we are so happy to see Ivy and Marlow wearing Milou&Pilou dresses! The pictures about your Venice trip are just sublime. Thanks again and please keep posting mooooooooree!

October 26, 2014

Your girls – the CUTEST!!! xoxo

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