Advent Calendars. Time to start planning!

October 17, 2014

Ferm Living advent calnedar

December is still six weeks away, and I’m refusing to start thinking about Christmas just yet (I saw the Christmas decorations up on Oxford street earlier this week and it didn’t seem possible! Can it really be that time of year already?!). But… I do love Advent calendars — it’s one of my favourite Christmas traditions.

I saw this cool Ferm Living advent calendar (above) at Cissy Wears earlier this week and love it! (It’s actually what has inspired this post.)

Maileg advent calendar

We have the Maileg advent calendar (as shown above) and it’s a similar concept with little pockets for presents on each day. I start collecting little gifts and knick knacks around this time of year, and then come December 1st, the kids take turn unwrapping each day. It’s such a fun and exciting way to celebrate the run-up to Christmas.


I also love the idea Meta wrote about, with little paper bags hanging along the stair railing. So fun and festive!


And lastly, there’s the wonderful idea from Mo who wraps up christmas-themed books every year for a Christmas book Advent Calendar. Such a great idea!

Anyway, I thought I would share all these ideas now… before it’s too late to prepare. The next six weeks will zip by I’m sure!

Courtney x


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October 17, 2014

6 weeks?!?! How?

I have started planning for Advent somewhat in that I picked up these cute bags in IKEA of all places the other day. Not sure whether I’m going to fill them with sweets or little things like hair clips or notes with Christmassy things to do on them …probably a mixture!

Last year we did 24 Christmas or winter themed books in a sack each day along with a traditional picture advent calendar (daughter was very excited about the latter).

The Meileg calendar is gorgeous!

dottoressa und die drei jungs
October 17, 2014

Such beautiful calendars!
We also start to collects little things about this time of the year to fill the little bags.
But – as we only have one child – grandparents have always made their own calendars and it was just to much. So I have come up with the idea to split the filling of the little bags (i have sewn 24 little bags). parents and grandparents now get to fill 8 little bags with little presents – everybody is involved and our son is actually able to enjoy and not just consume!
So I love the idea of your family having just one calendar and taking turns counting down the days until X-mas.

October 18, 2014

Such gorgeous ideas. I think it’s so difficult to find nice advent calendars with traditional nativity scenes and meanings. I am so sad to think of my children never understanding the true meaning of this special time

October 26, 2014

Does anyone have any idea of where I could buy a Maileg calendar from…I cant seem to find them anywhere. Thanks in advance, Amy

November 4, 2014

I recently bought the Maileg Advent from a website called – I hunted everywhere after being inspired by Courtney x

November 4, 2014

The book idea is genius! Has anyone considered an ‘Acts of Kindness’ advent calendar, instead of chocs, sweets or toys? The true spirit of Christmas is giving, after all. There are loads out there on Pinterest etc to make or buy, but please take a look at our printable attempt on Etsy:

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